(Note: Roberta and I decided on a once-a-week news summary, but it’s only Wednesday and this is already a huge post, so here’s a half-week summary for your reading pleasure.)

The New York Times was a gift that kept on giving. After last week’s Sunday article, we had a major feature in Monday’s Business Day section.

The series was even the subject of an $8,000 question on a recent episode of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” asking which business “Mad Men” is about. When a contestant asked the audience for help, 86 percent answered correctly.

And hey! The article says there’s going to be a 2009 wall calendar. Sweet.

But that’s not all. The Times is creating buzz elsewhere. New York Magazine’s Culture Vulture writes about the Sunday Times cover story:

Don: It shouldn’t have been that close.

Cooper: But it is; it always is.

Whedonesque has been talking a lot lately about the HBO film Recount (it is written by Danny Strong, who played Jonathan, a recurring character on my beloved Buffy, the Vampire Slayer). I don’t have HBO, so I was missing the buzz. It looks amazing. It premiered this weekend. If you saw it, do tell.

Television Without Pity has a wonderful interview with Danny. His approach to this topic (the 2000 presidential election and its ridiculous results) is well worth reading about. EW also has a great article about the film.

During my initial viewing of Nixon vs. Kennedy, way back when, I couldn’t help but think of the 2000 election debacle.

Now I’m not sure how much the writers, Lisa Albert, Andre & Maria Jacquemetton, (and of course, always Weiner at the helm), intended the modern day metaphor. I can’t imagine it escaped their collective gaze, but at the same time, it seemed like they didn’t much play it up. I think that what was more important in terms of serving the show was the comparison of Nixon v Kennedy and Draper v Campbell. (more…)

I cannot begin to imagine why this scratches such a satisfying geeky itch within me, but it does, and since this is kind of our Whedonesque crossover week anyway, now’s the time:

Actor: Mad Men role | Whedonverse role/other Whedonverse role
Vincent Kartheiser: Pete Campbell | Connor (Angel)
Christina Hendricks: Joan Hollaway | YoSafBridg (Firefly)/Irish barmaid (Angel)
Andy Umberger: Dr. Wayne | D’Hoffryn (Buffy)/Dr. Ronald Meltzer (Angel)/Dortmunder captain (Firefly)
Darby Stanchfield: Helen Bishop | Denise (Angel)
Adam Kaufman: Bob Shaw, a/c salesman | Parker (Buffy)
Mark Kelly: Dale | Reese (Angel)

The event we were at was called Click Critics: The Power of Fan Websites. The panel consisted of Erica Blitz of Galactica Sitrep, Kevin Croy of Lostpedia, Dan Manu of Television Without Pity, Remona Outar of Ugly is In, Damon Schmidt of Whedonesque, and Jennie Tan of OfficeTally. The moderator was Alan Sepinwall of What’s Alan Watching? and the Star-Ledger.

The Paley Center itself is trying kind of hard to figure out what this whole blogging thing is, and doesn’t quite get it, as evidenced by the fact that no urls appeared in the program for the event. But the panelists were great (and so was the moderator). They were diverse, charming, funny, and thoughtful. No one was taking him/herself all that seriously. I loved noticing how much the stereotype of the fangeek has changed; that bloggers aren’t all male (hello!), or white, or (at all) unattractive, or young.

It was enormous fun meeting other bloggers with the kind of crazy commitment that Roberta and I have, and Erica confessed she’s a fan of our site (I’m not a Galactica person, but of course I read Whedonesque every day). I am so looking forward to keeping in touch with these people, and Damon’s wife, Kara, told us a story that will be appearing on this blog soon.

Deb and I are going to this on Monday, May 19th, at the Paley Center in New York. (Scroll down, look on the right.)

It’s a panel of TV recap/fan site blogger folk. Like us. Only not us. We’re not on the %$&@ panel. We found out about it after the fact.

Anyway, should be cool. Tickets are probably still available. Let us know if you’ll be there, and maybe we can all grab a bite afterwards.

Whedonesque, your source for all things Whedon, congratulates Mad Men for its Golden Globe win.

That’s because two Whedonverse stars are on the show. Vincent Kartheiser (Pete) was a major character (Connor) on Angel season 4 (and had guest appearances in season 5), and Christina Hendricks (Joan) had major guest shots on Firefly as Saffron, and a small (tiny) part in Angel season 1 as an Irish barmaid.

What Whedonesque failed to mention, but Roberta’s eagle eyes noticed, was Adam Kaufman, who played Bob Shaw, the air-conditioner salesman who penetrates Betty’s imagination in Indian Summer. He played heartbreaker Parker Abrams in Buffy’s fourth season.

Coolest of all to the lover of detail is Andy Umberger, who is Betty’s shrink, Dr. Wayne. He has appeared on all three of Joss Whedon’s series, on Buffy as D’Hoffryn, who is Demon in Charge of Vengeance Demons (a tough job with major seniority), on Angel as Dr. Ronald Meltzer (a seriously creepy one-off villain in season 1) and in a small role on Firefly as captain of the Dortmunder in the pilot.