The Writer’s Strike is over. We knew Saturday that the deal had been struck, but that deal had to be ratified by the membership and made official. And now it is.


Of Mad Men’s three nominations for WGA awards, it has won one: For Best New Series. Couldn’t be more thrilled!

In other thrilling WGA news, a tentative strike agreement has been reached. The strike could officially be over as soon as tomorrow.

…at least for Mad Men.

Seems (according to the New York Times) like Lionsgate (which distributes our favorite show) is about to sign an independent deal with the striking WGA. Meaning, the strike isn’t over, but the writers can work on MM.

So it’s good news/bad news. I support the writers, and I hope the strike ends favorably for them soon. On the other hand, YAY for Mad Men!

I am insane. I have no life. I have Microsoft® Excel. I made a spreadsheet.

  • 27 publications and columnists name Mad Men their #1 of the year (including such prestigious ones as Time Magazine, New York Magazine, and the New York Times).
  • 11 more list Mad Men in their top ten but lower than #1, or wrote year-end summaries that were not numbered lists and named Mad Men.
  • 5 sources cite the stars of Mad Men for various accolades, including Salon naming Jon Hamm their sexiest man of the year, and Zap2It citing the women of Mad Men as among the underrated actors of 2007.
  • 9 major award nominations (2 Golden Globes, 3 WGAs, 2 SAGs, 1 Satellilte, 1 DGA), plus a Special Achievement Award from Satellite.
  • 5 award wins (Golden Globes, DGA, Satellite, and 1 WGA).
  • updated

Huh, I didn’t even know they gave awards.

Nominations are for Best Dramatic Series, Best New Series and the single episode “The Hobo Code.”

The awards will be given Wednesday, December 19.