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Deborah quoted this section from the Brandweek piece:

There will be some high-profile stunts and outdoor ads that look to spur water cooler chatter. The shuttles between Grand Central Terminal and Times Square in New York will become Mad Men set pieces, with the interiors decorated to evoke Draper’s early 1960s world of men in fedoras and martinis with lunch. The cars will have “chandeliers” on the ceilings, snappy lines of dialogue on the walls and life-size images of Draper himself appearing on the commute.

So I was too busy at work to even read this part. But this morning I get a message from a co-worker’s blackberry (I’m telling you, I have a whole Mad-Men-crazy-girl reputation at work) about the times square-to-grand central shuttle, how it’s plastered with Mad Men.

I’m psyched, because I don’t typically take the shuttle, but I totally can; it gets me where I’m going. And I have been impressed in the past with the amazing wraps that I’ve seen on the S; I do love good advertising.

It was funny, because I get there after work, and I look inside the train, and I don’t see any Mad Men. The co-worker had described it as all over, so I was confused, until I realized there are two trains, and it was probably in the other one. So I actually let the train go, with me not on it, because I must see this thing today.


It is majestic.

Here is what a subway car looks like normally.
Here is what a subway car looks like normally.