Roberta did this research; we were wondering about Peggy’s access to the Pill (Enovid) in Smoke Gets In Your Eyes. We know that the episode takes place in March or April of 1960, but the FDA didn’t approve Enovid for contraceptive use until June 23, 1960. Could it be a goof? We didn’t think it was a goof, because it’s major, and they’re sooo careful. But there it was, approval on June 23, 1960.

Then Roberta found this:

On May 9, 1960, the FDA announced it would approve Enovid 10 mg for contraceptive use, which it did on June 23, 1960, by which time Enovid 10 mg had been in general use for three years during which time, by conservative estimate, at least half a million women had used it.


Okay, so my sister and I have started this blog, and we have approximately (november,december,january…) eight-ish months before the second season, so what all are we going to do? Watch ’em again, of course. Chew apart the details.

So let me start with the most obvious question… What The Fuck?

Here’s the thing with Peggy being pregnant. I’m not happy about it. It feels like a TV trick. And so to keep it authentic, they will need to write her as kind of insane. Pretty damn insane, or something darn close to it. My concern is that they won’t. write it that way.

But I am reminding myself… these are excellent writers. And they have not let us down in this show. Not once. And it’s not like at the last minute they decided it would be fun to throw this wrench at our heads. They set it up in the first episode… she has sex the same day she gets her pill script.

I don’t know about the chemistry… could she have been bleeding this whole time because of the pill? What does being on the pill do to a fetus anyway?

Watching Peggy take control of her life has been the most applaudable show of feminist awareness in the season, but she certainly has an odd innocence about her. Still, I’m not buying that as enough of a reason to keep her from noticing a baby kicking its hungry legs against her… parts. (Christ, that poor kid took quite a ride with the Relaxi-bator!) And they were very clear that the kid was carried to term. They could have cast a smaller baby, but this one was already skipping rope.