Well it sorta relates because we’ve been talking about House.

I knew Robert Sean Leonard when he was 13 and I was 17. We were both participating in a local, non-professional young-people’s summer stock program. He was a great kid then; a talent and a sweetie.

And I’ve watched his career ever since. He was good looking enough and got enough attention from Dead Poet’s Society that he could’ve followed the path of the matinee idol; instead I remember hearing he was involved with the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-on-Avon.

I got to say hello to him a few years ago following a preview of Long Day’s Journey Into Night. I waited at the stage door. Watched Ms. Redgrave (or was it Dame?) get escorted to her limo. Watched a shockingly-more-handsome-up-close Brian Dennehy. Watched Phillip Seymour Hoffman! And lastly RSL. After saying a few hellos to his audience, I called out, Bobby Leonard! It got his attention. I told him right away my name and how we’d known each other. He sorta kinda remembered me. Let’s face it, I only sorta kinda remembered him. He spoke to me and my mom for five or ten minutes.

Then he got on his bicycle and rode down the street.

I heart Bobby Leonard.