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This one is obviously the same day as the Francine picture (same outfit).

This one also appears to be from the same scene.


Okay, I’m going to just post all of them, I really am, but this one just tickled me pink. I had to do the coy thing and hide it under a Read More link. Just had to.


In The Hobo Code, Salvatore says “I know what I want.” In Nixon vs. Kennedy, we get to see what he wants.

They’re reading Paul’s play, and the scene ends with Salvatore’s character kissing Joan’s character. They kiss, the audience responds, and—probably because of the audience response—Sal gives it all he’s got, dipping her back and making quite a show of it. The office goes wild, whooping and cheering, and the camera gives us a close-up of Sal’s reaction; beaming, joyful, fulfilled. This is what he wants, this praise for being “a man,” for being, well, heterosexual, for doing it right. It is the only moment when we see Salvatore really happy.

Without even mentioning his birthday, AMC interviews Bryan Batt on their Mad Men blog.

Not surprisingly, he cites “the” scene as his favorite, saying

It shows Salvatore’s smart. He’s not going to let his guard down. It’s just instinctual that he’s protecting himself.

About research, he says

I spoke some friends and acquaintances who actually were art directors in that era about what it was like, how they had to be careful who they were. One was actually married with children and realized later that he was gay. I was lucky in that I was able to meet with people from that time who were important and very similar to Salvatore.

Were I a better planner, I’d have saved my recent Yay-Salvatore post for today.

It doesn’t seem fair… poor thing had to wait a whole extra day this year, what with that pesky 29th in the way. But finally, his birthday is here!

Anyway, if you haven’t already, check out the roles this guy has had over the course of his stunning career.And he was Out Magazine’s Artist of the Year for 2007.

Bryan, please except our birthday kisses. And uh… pretend they came out of a basket.


I miss Salvatore!

He all but disappeared toward the end of the first season. His last great moment was his kiss with Joan in Nixon vs. Kennedy.

I find it amusing that there was ever any guesswork for viewers regarding Sal’s orientation. Ever. But I’ve been around the message boards, and some people were surprised by the ‘reveal’ in Hobo Code. Some people said they had “guessed early on”. Guessed? It was established the moment we met him in Smoke Gets in Your Eyes.

Salvatore walks into Don’s office while Don is using one of those chest flex thingies (that are also a handy chest hair waxing alternative). Sal leaps right in with Oh, look at you, Gidget. Still trying to fill out that bikini? (more…)

Our very own Salvatore is fully out and receiving kudos!

Out Magazine has named Bryan Batt artist of the year, and there’s a nice little writeup and a great little photo.

Ironically, the actor has spent nearly the entirety of his 20-year professional career out of the closet.