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This one is obviously the same day as the Francine picture (same outfit).

This one also appears to be from the same scene.


A few thoughts about Helen Bishop in New Amsterdam.

She and Betty get pretty up close and personal, (though it pales in comparison with Glen Bishop’s version of up close and personal. But enough about that). With Helen and Betty you certainly never feel that they connect. Betty hears a lot about a marriage gone bad. It is probably the first time she’s ever heard these kinds of details from a divorcée.

Later in the episode, Betty tells Dr. Wayne, (aka “Mr. Personality”) that Helen is likely jealous of her.

Wait. Seriously? Umm… didn’t Helen witness Don walking out on Betty at Sally’s birthday party a few weeks earlier? More than witness it; she was part of the rescue committee, what with her Sara Lee cake.

There is this one moment I love; Don comes home late, sees Betty and Helen sitting on the couch, gives a very brief and polite hello and then slinks up the stairs. I found it hilarious. So much unspoken from Don—What the hell could they possibly be talking about? Damn, she’s my type. Wow, she knows I ran out on my kid’s birthday party. I am SO not allowed to talk to that woman.

And somehow I felt like Helen got all that subtext, and was unphased. Helen is a bit like Joan in her understanding of men and their responses to women. (more…)

It’s all there in their first ‘date’ in Smoke Gets In Your Eyes… She is 28 and has never been married because she’s never been in love. Don laughs this off because in his view, there’s no such thing as love.

And though I believe he has love for Betty, it’s never been that kind of love. So in the ongoing question of why did Don marry Betty,  I really don’t think he saw it as selling out or settling. It is not even a matter of believing in love. Don knows. KNOWS. that this is all that love and marriage are. That other kind of love does not exist… it was invented by Mad Men and, ironically, by Hallmark. (It’s ironic because Midge is a freelance artist for the likes of Hallmark. And there it is, again, in the pilot… she tells Don that they have just invented Grandmother’s Day.)

You know, we keep talking in here about love. Does Pete love Peggy, does Don love Betty. Here’s one… does Joan love Roger? Does Roger love Mona? I think we all struggle because, let’s face it, who the fuck knows what ‘love’ is?

But I do think (and I am once again reminded of the opening credits) that Don has taken a deep fall for Rachel. And for the sake of argument, let’s call that love. (more…)