Ask and ye shall receive. Richard Sommer posted some SAG group shots. Shelly will be disappointed at the absence of John Slattery from these shots, but they’re great anyway.

On edit: Here’s SAG interviews with January Jones (Betty) and Christina Hendricks (Most Beautiful Woman in the World Joan).

Sometimes I write birthday odes. I am trying to stop. There is no way in hell I’m doing them for all the actors in this series. Or even for any others. Just this one.

Richard Sommer was born on my favorite day
When thoughts of spring are first allowed to come out and play

He blogs about things that are funny and quirky
Like scary book covers or some kind of annual meat turkey

Rich is a junior (or is it a second?)
(I’m a Jew so this info is infrequently beckoned)

His daughter Beatrice is among the cutest humans alive
If on a date with her, my nephew Benjamin would drive

Okay I might have made the ode a little about me here and there.

Re, the SAGs: “It’s good just to be in the running”
But the Lovely Virginia was a date beyond stunning.

Richard Sommer seems like one very sweet man
Who remains courteous to me despite the fact I’m a fan

Even glasses and man-panties can’t make him look nerdy
So please raise a glass to Rich on the day he turns thirty

Unfortunately I don’t have the technology yet to include audio. But Rich, if you’d like a personal recitation, feel free to contact me. My birthday odes, not unlike a Shakespeare play, only really come alive when read aloud.

I loves me some Go Fug Yourself. They are the best at being insanely funny about fashion and celebrity. Of the two writers, I find Heather significantly funnier than Jessica.

I was actually surprised that January Jones didn’t get the Fug Girls treatment after the SAGs. I was pleased to start seeing pictures of her around the fashion write-ups, but it was a bizarro dress and I thought it deserved some judicious fugging.

Well, better late than never, I say!

Well, nomination season is over, and award season is underway. Tonight’s SAG Awards are the first time that Mad Men was nominated but did not win. Best Ensemble for a TV Dramatic Series went to The Sopranos, and Best Actor in a TV Dramatic Series went to James Gandolfini for the Sopranos; certainly a very respectable winner.

Mad Men is still number one in our hearts, and hey, Matt Weiner can’t complain either way!

I am insane. I have no life. I have Microsoft® Excel. I made a spreadsheet.

  • 27 publications and columnists name Mad Men their #1 of the year (including such prestigious ones as Time Magazine, New York Magazine, and the New York Times).
  • 11 more list Mad Men in their top ten but lower than #1, or wrote year-end summaries that were not numbered lists and named Mad Men.
  • 5 sources cite the stars of Mad Men for various accolades, including Salon naming Jon Hamm their sexiest man of the year, and Zap2It citing the women of Mad Men as among the underrated actors of 2007.
  • 9 major award nominations (2 Golden Globes, 3 WGAs, 2 SAGs, 1 Satellilte, 1 DGA), plus a Special Achievement Award from Satellite.
  • 5 award wins (Golden Globes, DGA, Satellite, and 1 WGA).
  • updated

Two nominations, two wins. We rock the Golden Globes, even without an awards ceremony. SAGs, here we come!

The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards are among the most prestigious in the industry. Considered both classier than the Oscars and a good Oscar predictor, they are among the most paid-attention-to of awards since they started 14 years ago. Today they announced their 2007 nominees, and guess who got honored for television work?

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series
James Gandolfini (The Sopranos)
Michael C. Hall (Dexter)
Jon Hamm (Mad Men)
Hugh Laurie (House)
James Spader (Boston Legal)

Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series
Boston Legal
The Closer
Grey’s Anatomy
Mad Men
The Sopranos

Meanwhile, announced its “Breakout Stars of 2007,” and no surprise to see Jon Hamm acknowledged again.

And it wasn’t a tough sell for audiences to fully buy into Jon Hamm’s skillfull portrayal of 1960s ad exec who literally reinvented himself on AMC’s Mad Men.

You know, Roberta convinced me to watch this show, and I’ve been hooked since the first episode, and all of these accolades feel so…personal. Like we’re being validated. Not to mention that it’s a good way to keep the show on the air! It’s just so yummy.