(Or, A Blog is Born.)


So, I’m a little uncomfortable with this, because it may be crossing over into narcissistic. But I was over in TV Squad. TV Squad’s Bob Sassone has been a fan of and written about Mad Men since the beginning, and I used to follow his write-ups and comment. The show finally has its own category on the site, and Bob is now a reader of ours as well. (And watch for an interview over there with Rich Sommer in a few weeks. We’ll let you know.)

The thing about Basket of Kisses, as you basketcases know, is that we started it after Season One had aired. Pretty much, right after. The first post was basically Peggy? WTF??? only with a better title.

(Actually, pretty funny. I just glanced over at that first post so I could put in the hyperlink, and I absolutely ask the spelled out version of WTF. I am very freaking consistent.)

Okay so my point, and I will make one, and it in fact ties in with my being consistent… it turns out that looking at my profile page in TV Squad, I can (and now, so can you) view all my comments in one place. So, kind of mini-write-ups/reactions to S1 in progress. (more…)

In honor of the supreme court ruling

The video was made by (and stars) Andrew Zilch, of Zilch Zone. Andrew is (clearly) a friend of Rich’s (aka Harry Crane on Mad Men), and more importantly, a fan of Basket of Kisses!

PS; have a look at this youtube if you want to ‘meet’ me. It’s made by a good friend, and if you have no patience, skip ahead to 2:11.

Last night.

So, to work it forwards instead of backwards, it goes like this. I had dinner with two friends last night, one of whom is a young woman I met through a mutual friend a few years back. She lives in Texas. She was in Manhattan for her sister’s graduation.

Anyway, as part of catching up, I mention this here blog thing. (She has not seen Mad Men yet, but is aware of my… fixation blog, and intends to catch the first season when it comes out on DVD.) And how it’s been getting some attention. And this is when she mentions that her sister babysits for the actor on the show who she thinks almost loses his job (not so much, and so it takes us a minute to figure it out. “white-haired” was the key.)

I, I… I mean, I handed her my BoK card and tried to convince her to give it to her sister to give to John (and Talia). To like, what end, I couldn’t tell you.

I tried to convince her that the actors (at least some of them) know about us and kind of like us (this is a bit of a stretch, for me to assume that all the actors on the show feel the way that like, Rich Sommer and Julie McNiven do.) I tried to convince her that he won’t think it’s an intrusion at all if his babysitter hands him my card and gives him some kind of third-hand message. from a frigging fan. blogger. chick.

I may have lost some steam in the ‘convincing’ arc.

So, I don’t know… John, Talia, if you happen to see this umm… Hi! Your babysitter’s sister is a sweet girl.

So, this is kind of fun.

Dr Emerson, the gynecologist in Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, is played by Remy Auberjonois. I looked it up awhile ago, and the name was so familiar, but I couldn’t place him.

Today I read it (in I Let My Fists Do the Talking, a blog by the woman who designed the header for Rich Sommer‘s blog) and I was like WAIT. I TOTALLY KNEW THAT.

Remy is the son of Rene Auberjonois (and sorry to totally steal, but really, these are the two identifiers…) of Odo and Benson fame.

So just… cool!

Yeah I was working on this. Even had a cute title, “the Boys of Sommer”. So now I must rethink and rewrite.

Okay, I’m better now. Here we go.

Rich Sommer (aka Harry Crane) has, as my sister has mentioned, a really cute blog. He posted today on several topics, among them, his excitement to be shooting Season Two, and the nerdfest that is he, Aaron Staton (Ken Cosgrove) and Bryan Batt (Salvatore).

From ze post:

Also, at work the other day, Bryan schooled Aaron and me at No Thanks!. I exacted my revenge via a rousing game of Loco!. I will make game nerds of them all. And maybe we will play games whose names don’t end in exclamation points.

And uh, btw, you guys know he reads BoK, right? The occasional comment can be found. (So Rich, would it kill you to add us to your blogroll?)

Just a quick quote from Rich Sommer, because it delights me:

We have started shooting season two of Mad Men. This makes me happy. The scripts have been amazing, and it’s been wonderful being back at work with so many people I respect and adore.

Cleveland.com loves its native son, our own Harry Crane.

After graduating in 2004, Rich Sommer quickly got work in several national commercials including ones for AOL, Bud Light beer and Sprint. He went on to play Anne Hathaway’s drinking buddy, Doug, in “The Devil Wears Prada” and will soon start shooting the second season of “Madmen” on the AMC cable channel.

“I really lucked out getting into the program,” said Sommer, who lives in Los Angeles with his wife, a fellow Case M.F.A. graduate, and brand-new baby daughter.

“I was really rough around the edges. The program made me realize that you do make choices when you are acting. It’s not just about learning a line and spitting it out.”

Ask and ye shall receive. Richard Sommer posted some SAG group shots. Shelly will be disappointed at the absence of John Slattery from these shots, but they’re great anyway.

On edit: Here’s SAG interviews with January Jones (Betty) and Christina Hendricks (Most Beautiful Woman in the World Joan).

Sometimes I write birthday odes. I am trying to stop. There is no way in hell I’m doing them for all the actors in this series. Or even for any others. Just this one.

Richard Sommer was born on my favorite day
When thoughts of spring are first allowed to come out and play

He blogs about things that are funny and quirky
Like scary book covers or some kind of annual meat turkey

Rich is a junior (or is it a second?)
(I’m a Jew so this info is infrequently beckoned)

His daughter Beatrice is among the cutest humans alive
If on a date with her, my nephew Benjamin would drive

Okay I might have made the ode a little about me here and there.

Re, the SAGs: “It’s good just to be in the running”
But the Lovely Virginia was a date beyond stunning.

Richard Sommer seems like one very sweet man
Who remains courteous to me despite the fact I’m a fan

Even glasses and man-panties can’t make him look nerdy
So please raise a glass to Rich on the day he turns thirty

Unfortunately I don’t have the technology yet to include audio. But Rich, if you’d like a personal recitation, feel free to contact me. My birthday odes, not unlike a Shakespeare play, only really come alive when read aloud.

Sometimes it’s about Mad Men, sometimes not, but it’s really cute. I love reading about his adorable newborn daughter and his generally happy life. He seems…cuddly.

Anyway, this entry is both about the baby AND about Mad Men. And it’s cuddly.