Francine. She is a wonder, always. But she’s married to an asshole. Conrad/Cornelius/whatever her husband’s name is (it’s Carlton—to ring your bell, he is the guy who hit on Helen Bishop at the birthday party in episode 3; the Marriage of Figaro). (That episode, which I promise to post about, is the one that got me off the fence. I was pretty sure that the show was a pure winner, but that one blew my mind. Right off my head. Or something.)

I have been curious for awhile what the friendship is between Francine and Betty. Betty is more formal and guarded with Francine than she is with Don, so it is her vacuous side that is more often exposed, and I have been curious as to how Francine perceives that. She certainly stood up for her over the slapping Helen thing. Francine feels kind of gutsy as a character, but she hasn’t noticed what a creep her husband is, and she hasn’t noticed how shallow Betty is (or comes across), OR how fragile she is. (more…)