That’s right, last night we had Cutthroat Bitch back on House (Ann Dudek—Francine on MM) and she was awesome.

It was one of the best House episodes I’ve seen in a while, and I laughed out loud quite often (Wilson kills me). Dudek was terrific in it; she looked absolutely gorgeous and she was smart and funny.

I didn’t think much of her when she first showed up on House, and I wanted them to just get rid of her. Then I realized she was Francine, and I realized the actress had some real chops, to be on two shows I watch regularly without me recognizing her right away (although I caught on eventually). My carpool friend also watches both shows, and didn’t realize both characters were the same actress until I pointed it out. Some of it is costume and hair, but it’s still impressive.

By the way, one of my favorite pop culture obsessed blogs is Polite Dissent. An inspiration for a blog like ours, Polite Dissent is written by a medical doctor who examines how medicine and medical issues are treated and mistreated in pop culture; mostly comics, but there’s a weekly write-up of House and of Private Practice (which, ugh, I hate).