Two different commenters found this for us: The New York Times has an extensive interview with Matt Weiner, behind-the-scenes at auditions and other production, and general article. It’s too amazing to pull out a quote.

Okay, here are the quotes that hint at season 2, but please, read the whole thing, because otherwise I’ll just quote the whole thing (Nothing is spoilery, because Weiner wouldn’t allow that, but I’ll put the quotes below the fold for those of you averting your eyes):

(Blog note: Roberta and I wrote really similar posts at about the same time last night, so I’m splicing them together. This is our first attempt at a joint post so let’s see how it goes. —Deborah)

The lovely and talented dansj pointed out that IMDb has some Season 2 episode cast up. Not surprising, as actors often enter that info themselves nowadays. On the other hand, let’s remind everyone again, that IMDb is not totally dependable, because anyone can contribute.

Keep in mind when perusing the pages that the main cast is on the main Mad Men page, episode pages only show guests, infrequently recurring cast, as well as writers, directors, and crew. (more…)