One thing we haven’t gotten much of a look at is the women’s grooming process. We see them all look so perfect (or, occasionally not, like Carol the day she got fired and Francine freaking out over Carlton’s affairs).

For the most part all we see is the occasional lipstick application. But we don’t see what it takes to get Joan’s and Betty’s hair so flawless, or Helen Bishop’s face looking photo-ready. (more…)

An article in the Montreal Gazette provides this juicy Matthew Weiner quote:

The culture views the ’60s as this kind of golden glory. The election of John F. Kennedy is memorialized as a time of great innocence. And yet, reading the New Yorker from April 1960 and reading the movie reviews in there of Psycho and The Apartment, I thought to myself, ‘This is not a particularly innocent society.’ We forget that the wave of youth and enthusiasm that swept the country then was decided by about 100 votes.

Psycho and The Apartment? Where have I heard that before? Oh, yeah. Here’s a Mad Men conversation about The Apartment:

Aw, Red, that’s not how it is. Look, it was crude. That’s the way pictures are now. Did you see that ridiculous Psycho? Hollywood isn’t happy unless things are extreme.

Roger Sterling to Joan Holloway, Long Weekend

What were the big movies of 1960? (more…)

A note from Roberta. Deb’s coming home soon; I swear! But she left me this one too.

I can’t remember where I read this or heard this. Maybe…probably…at the Burns Center event about which we’ve written so much, but maybe not.

When Matthew Weiner is telling a writer they’re going in the wrong direction, what he says is, “I’ve seen it on TV.” He went on to explain that Mad Men isn’t people on TV or in the movies, it’s people who watch the people on TV and in the movies.

I think that’s so brilliant. sets up the Best of Mad Men, that half hour promo we spotted on the AMC lineup. Looks like Weiner and cast members will be talking about favorite moments, introducing clips and “revealing on-set antics and behind-the-scenes footage” (hopefully a teaser for DVD extras!).

Oh, and this is pretty cool (not Canada-cool, but cool just the same)… “The special will also be available online at, starting June 16″.

This interview in The Montreal Gazette appears to be new; the quotes aren’t anything I’ve quoted before. They’re about season 1, which is just starting on Canadian TV.

“I looked at these guys,” Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner explained. “At this world, these men who were overpaid and drank too much and smoked too much and were glib and cynical and bit the hand that fed them and showed up late and had no respect for authority, and I thought: ‘These are my heroes.’ “


So I posted about the naming of Don Draper. (Mr. Weiner has not called to confirm my theory, but he will, I’m sure. Call me, k?)

Well within an hour of this revelation, (I kid you not, within an hour!) I get an email from our very own wisefish (whose comments were always inexplicably visiting our spam-catcher first before being rescued but now it’s finally better), talking about the possible origins of Dick Whitman’s name. (more…)

Deborah and I had a brainstorming session… we normally don’t work that way, (in fact, usually it’s more like this), but we wanted to make sure that Basket of Kisses is ready for Season Two. Like, all these thoughts about Season One that we keep meaning to capture; we know that we will continue to discuss Season One episodes, but Season Two will give new perspective, and there are certain things we want to accomplish while Season One is still pristine.

So we’d like, been discussing the show and pulling up clips for hours. And I’m in the kitchen (hers) and I wish I could remember the train of thought that led me to… Matthew Weiner wouldn’t just randomly name a character as important as Don Draper. What does it mean?

Draper. He is a draper. He drapes himself in his disguise.

And… Don?

Holy fuck. He dons his drapery.

Kind of I ran (ran!) upstairs to tell my sister ’cause it was actually important.

There will be a Part 2, but for now…

The end by rkl.