11 days to Season 1 DVD release.
30 days to Season 1 marathon.
37 days to Season 2 premiere!

Than before!

Color me confirmed. It is set for Sunday, July 27th at 10pm eastern.

Sunday, July 20th, is the marathon.

Oh, AMC announced as well. And look! They’ve got a picture up too.

(Thanks, ProgGrrl!)

Of course, it’s IMDb, it’s all anonymous and uncheckable, but the Mad Men message board has this up, and there’s not actually a good reason to lie. The poster claims it is from an email from AMC. My source at AMC refuses to divulge, so either this is false, or it’s some AMC flunky who actually didn’t know any better than to leak, because I can’t imagine a controlled leak goes to an IMDb message board.

“Mad Men” will return for another season, beginning
Sun., July 27, 2008 at 10 pm (schedule subject to change). As with the
first season, Season 2 will include 13 original episodes.

And in case you missed it, we will feature a marathon of all of Season
1 episodes on Sun., July 20 (subject to change), beginning at 12 pm.
Every episode will air, back-to-back, through 1 am.

So I did me a little snooping. The official AMC Mad Men blog has been awful quiet lately; probably because AMC isn’t showing as much as one episode of their gold star series in the entirety of this merry month.

I looked at June’s schedule, and saw this.

Which looks like this:

So good, at least they’re prepping. There are no episodes slated for June, which tells me that they are putting all their money (so to speak) on DVD sales (July 1st July 1st July 1st!!!) and if there is a marathon, which everyone says there will be, it will be later in July, closer to the Season Two (late July late July late July!!!).

Again, it all worries me. Because yes they are running this special several times but it’s still only running on AMC, so the chance of people stumbling on it are ‘eh’ (an official measurement standard).

Look. We’re gonna buy the DVDs. (Buy ’em now, before the price goes up.) Pretty much, everyone who writes and reads this blog. But will these ‘specials’ be enough to generate the heat that AMC needs?

People won’t want to watch mid-season. If they aren’t ‘in’ by the time Season Two premieres, then the show could get un-renewed for a third. The only way to prevent that is for them to show Season Two marathons like, all through the season. So people can get caught up in time to boost ratings for September and then November sweeps.

Look, I will speak blasphemously. I don’t see this show running for seven years. It’s not sexy enough or violent enough. I hope I’m wrong, but I see 3-4 seasons.

If AMC doesn’t wreck it.

So, AMC. They harsh our happy, wrinkle our smooth, and damage our calm.

But, y’know, they also like their fans. They’re trying. They have a Talk Forum just for MM fans (not that it’s anywhere near as good as Basket of Kisses). It might not be the best or the coolest, but they are interested in what the fans have to say.

Look, I love this show. I want AMC to do a great job with the business end of this show, because if it’s cancelled, there goes my blogging hobby (not really, but you know what I mean). I don’t want to be one of those people doing a letter-writing campaign to help save a cancelled show. It almost never works and it’s depressing. I signed like fifty petitions to save Angel and what did I get? A flippin’ comic book. Suck.

So what I’d prefer to do is start the letter-writing campaign now. Let AMC know how much we want Mad Men season one back on the air between now and the time season two starts. Suggest good time slots. Suggest a marathon. Suggest lots and lots of visibility. Let AMC know that we’re telling our friends about Mad Men and they want to know how to start watching it and we have to tell them there are no showings in May! Ask them to help us get our friends watching.

I’m not going to put words in your mouth because individual letters from individuals work best. It’s like writing to your congressperson; be polite, be brief, and state your point clearly. And your point is that you want to see Mad Men in May and June. Often. And preferably not at midnight.

Email them at: info@amctv.com

Snail mail at:

    AMC Viewer Mail
    200 Jericho Quadrangle
    Jericho, NY 11753

And for good measure, here’s the Talk Forum post on re-run scheduling.