I’ve been meaning to post this forever. I think it was a few months ago, I’m flipping through channels, and I hear a snippet of dialogue. And in like, three words, I know exactly who it is. Before I look at the screen.

His name is Henry Afro-Bradley, and he is the busboy in the opening scene of the pilot, the one with whom Don engages in a conversation about smoking.

IMDb does that thing now where they tell you the next time the actor is appearing on TV. So turns out the episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent will be on this week, so if you care to, set your DVR/VCR/ABCs recording device thingies.

The CI episode is titled Mad Hops. The guy has like, a theme.

A little about Law & Order, a little about Season 2, a little about hairstyles.

TV Guide: Assuming the strike gets settled, what can you tell us about Season 2 of Mad Men?
Jones: I think it’s supposed be 1962, two years later. I don’t really know anything. I’ve only been told to read Ariel by Sylvia Plath and to take horseback riding lessons! Matt [Matthew Weiner, Mad Men’s creator] likes to keep it a secret, which is really fun for the actors.

I watched Law & Order last night to see our girl January; I’ve never seen her in anything else. It’s interesting watching how much an actress brings to a character and how much is that actress’s inherent quality.

What I mean is, Betty Draper has a little girl voice, and a lost little girl affect. It’s hard to know what goes on behind that affect. On Law & Order, January played Kim Brody, who didn’t have a little girl voice, and was a manipulater who played people using a little girl affect.

The beautiful manipulater could have been played a dozen ways. The softness was unexpected, and I felt like that comes from Jones rather than from the script or the character. Still, it worked.

Tonight’s Law & Order (NBC, 10pm Eastern) features January Jones as:

amoral beauty Kim Brody, whom Lupo and Green link to all sorts of nefarious deeds, including a real estate scam and a deadly hit-and-run accident.

Set your TiVo!