This is a delightful piece about the screening the other night of 2:01 written by Pat, the former college roommate of Linda Brettler, better known to us as Matthew Weiner’s wife. Yeah. There were five seats reserved. Matt, Linda, Pat, Roberta and Deborah. What? Oh, I’m sorry, there were only three. Anyway, enjoy!

Before I know it, I am linking arms with Jon Hamm, smiling like I’d died and gone to Heaven. Next thing I know, there I am, squished between Christina and January, the two most beautiful women I’ve ever been physically close to (apologies to Linda, my other college roommates, and all my female friends and relatives). And did John Slattery actually touch my waist (if it can still be called that)?

Sorry to be posting like, every hour this weekend. This half-hour special on AMC is really fun. It’s showing at all kinds of odd times throughout the month. I was sure I also read that, starting tomorrow, you could watch it on, but now I can’t find that in writing.

It’s nicely grouped clips, and discussion with the cast (Hamm, Slattery and Kartheiser on the boys’ side (literally), and Moss, Jones and Hendricks on the girls’. And then Weiner finally chimes in.

This manages to be a very exciting promo piece with minimal spoilage.

On Bravo. Worth seeing.

Thanks, hullabaloo, for sending the clip. Which I can’t post, but I can at least link to.

At The Envelope (the awards-centric section of the LA Times), Tom O’Neill compiles a roundup of nomination predictions. This is a discussion of which shows, among the top ten favorites already selected, will get one of the five nominations for Best Dramatic series. Polling five TV critics, and offering his own predictions, only three shows get unanimous agreement: Mad Men, House, and Damages.

At the Salt Lake Tribune, Vince Horiuchi discusses his own ballot.

Never has my hand been more sure than when marking a check next to “Mad Men,” AMC’s sterling first entry into original programming.

Variety interviews Jon Hamm, as part of a series on Emmy contenders.

…and our commenter kartheiser_grl hooked us up with another Variety article, this one about John Slattery and Vincent Kartheiser, focused on actors in Emmy contention for supporting roles.

Last night.

So, to work it forwards instead of backwards, it goes like this. I had dinner with two friends last night, one of whom is a young woman I met through a mutual friend a few years back. She lives in Texas. She was in Manhattan for her sister’s graduation.

Anyway, as part of catching up, I mention this here blog thing. (She has not seen Mad Men yet, but is aware of my… fixation blog, and intends to catch the first season when it comes out on DVD.) And how it’s been getting some attention. And this is when she mentions that her sister babysits for the actor on the show who she thinks almost loses his job (not so much, and so it takes us a minute to figure it out. “white-haired” was the key.)

I, I… I mean, I handed her my BoK card and tried to convince her to give it to her sister to give to John (and Talia). To like, what end, I couldn’t tell you.

I tried to convince her that the actors (at least some of them) know about us and kind of like us (this is a bit of a stretch, for me to assume that all the actors on the show feel the way that like, Rich Sommer and Julie McNiven do.) I tried to convince her that he won’t think it’s an intrusion at all if his babysitter hands him my card and gives him some kind of third-hand message. from a frigging fan. blogger. chick.

I may have lost some steam in the ‘convincing’ arc.

So, I don’t know… John, Talia, if you happen to see this umm… Hi! Your babysitter’s sister is a sweet girl.

I found a message board for fans of John Slattery (Roger Sterling). I’ll add it to the links as well.