First, let me just say thanks to everyone for your kind words regarding my bad day yesterday. I’m feeling entirely well today! Kisses– rkl

In Long Weekend, in response to the Kennedy jingle, Harry says “It’s catchy like it gets in your head and makes you want to blow your brains out”.

Cut immediately to a family photo of John, Jackie and way down at the bottom, John John. But mostly you see the two of them, the black and white, and to me it immediately drew up the image of them in the car after he was shot. Maybe that was just me.


The common understanding of how it worked, the legend (if you will), is that men wore hats until John F. Kennedy appeared for his inauguration nude-headed, and, overnight, the hat business was over.

(We at the Basket have been bracing ourselves to say goodbye to the behatted Don Draper for Season Two. )

CBS Sunday morning did a feature on hats this morning. Just now. They claim that it wasn’t quite like that. Turns out young men were leaving their hats at home more and more commonly. Kennedy just brought it to the public’s attentions.

Which suggests, again, that Don is a little old-fashioned. I mean, he may not be categorized with the ‘young men’, but he’s younger than Kennedy. And though there is a lot of hat-wearing among the young men of Sterling Coo, Pete Campbell is frequently seen hats off.