Hilarious. This was sent to me from Joe Bua of I am a TV Junkie, who is my life partner (well, maybe in some other life). He keeps up with Mad Men and with us as well as anyone.

Just read it. It’s perfect as is. No need for me to chime in.

Well, okay. Except to say that I keep finding errors in all these articles. I left a comment on one of them. I can’t remember which ones say what, because there have been so many. One called Pete ‘Paul’ about sixteen times and, as funny as that is, especially for those that remember Sterling’s line in Red in the Face, this wasn’t meant to be funny; it was an article from a country who was just discovering the show and was only a review of the pilot. Another article said that the DVD release date was July 7th, when it’s the 1st. And that’s a big blunder.

I do remember Remember WENN, and most people don’t. It seems like AMC is starting a new chapter with Mad Men and Breaking Bad, so I never feel compelled to make that correction.

Point is, they clearly need the direction of the know-it-alls.

And that, my friends, concludes this week’s episode of No Need For Me to Chime In.

the end by rkl.