…or something. A nominee to the nominees. Top 11 (11?) semi-finalists for best supporting drama actress.

Tom O’Neil of the LA Times ‘the Envelope’ has plenty to say about this list. Of interest to us:

Another surprising omission: January Jones, who portrays Jon Hamm’s emotionally plagued wife on “Mad Men.” Her role is so prominent that many Emmy observers were surprised she opted to compete in the supporting race, not lead like costar Elizabeth Moss. Instead, voters (academy membership is overwhelmingly male) chose to snuggle up to costar Christina Hendricks, who portrays the — ahem — sexually frisky office manager.

Christina is nominated to be nominated (whatever) for Babylon. I’m all for it.

This is a delightful piece about the screening the other night of 2:01 written by Pat, the former college roommate of Linda Brettler, better known to us as Matthew Weiner’s wife. Yeah. There were five seats reserved. Matt, Linda, Pat, Roberta and Deborah. What? Oh, I’m sorry, there were only three. Anyway, enjoy!

Before I know it, I am linking arms with Jon Hamm, smiling like I’d died and gone to Heaven. Next thing I know, there I am, squished between Christina and January, the two most beautiful women I’ve ever been physically close to (apologies to Linda, my other college roommates, and all my female friends and relatives). And did John Slattery actually touch my waist (if it can still be called that)?

Go Fug Yourself is one of my true guilty pleasures. I cannot stop myself from laughing out loud when they say their fuggy things.

Last night on the phone, I totally predicted that January Jones’s deranged ballerina suit would get fugged, and I was right.

Oh my God, you guys. January Jones is wearing exactly what I used to imagine wearing when I was a child and I had elaborate fantasies of being a cocktail waitress!

They also got Elisabeth Moss, which surprised me, because I hadn’t seen the nightmare in question.

Every time I see Elisabeth out in the world, I realize that I have completely forgotten what her normal shape is after seeing her as Peggy, so it’s nice to see her out rocking her calf muscles and her little waist, and her pretty face without those bangs curled into a hair-claw.

Of course, you have to go read it yourself to see the pictures and it’s just…hysterical. Maybe a summer as Peggy has confused Elisabeth Moss about fashion, but January is kind of irredeemable. It’s not like it’s her first time.

Sorry to be posting like, every hour this weekend. This half-hour special on AMC is really fun. It’s showing at all kinds of odd times throughout the month. I was sure I also read that, starting tomorrow, you could watch it on AMC.com, but now I can’t find that in writing.

It’s nicely grouped clips, and discussion with the cast (Hamm, Slattery and Kartheiser on the boys’ side (literally), and Moss, Jones and Hendricks on the girls’. And then Weiner finally chimes in.

This manages to be a very exciting promo piece with minimal spoilage.

I found this tiny item in The Hollywood Reporter:

[Gabriel] Mann will play Arthur, a wealthy, educated man of privilege who becomes associated with Betty (January Jones).

Upon looking up Mann, I find he was born in 1972 in Middlebury, Vermont (a very patrician college town; he has that look). That makes him the right age for “associated with” to have sexual overtones.

When asked about Season 2, the only thing that January Jones said was that she’d been asked to learn horseback riding, but didn’t know how it would figure in the plot. (Thanks, Roberta, for reminding me.) So, does Betty take riding lessons or take up riding and meet “Arthur”?


A little about Law & Order, a little about Season 2, a little about hairstyles.

TV Guide: Assuming the strike gets settled, what can you tell us about Season 2 of Mad Men?
Jones: I think it’s supposed be 1962, two years later. I don’t really know anything. I’ve only been told to read Ariel by Sylvia Plath and to take horseback riding lessons! Matt [Matthew Weiner, Mad Men’s creator] likes to keep it a secret, which is really fun for the actors.

I watched Law & Order last night to see our girl January; I’ve never seen her in anything else. It’s interesting watching how much an actress brings to a character and how much is that actress’s inherent quality.

What I mean is, Betty Draper has a little girl voice, and a lost little girl affect. It’s hard to know what goes on behind that affect. On Law & Order, January played Kim Brody, who didn’t have a little girl voice, and was a manipulater who played people using a little girl affect.

The beautiful manipulater could have been played a dozen ways. The softness was unexpected, and I felt like that comes from Jones rather than from the script or the character. Still, it worked.

Tonight’s Law & Order (NBC, 10pm Eastern) features January Jones as:

amoral beauty Kim Brody, whom Lupo and Green link to all sorts of nefarious deeds, including a real estate scam and a deadly hit-and-run accident.

Set your TiVo!

I loves me some Go Fug Yourself. They are the best at being insanely funny about fashion and celebrity. Of the two writers, I find Heather significantly funnier than Jessica.

I was actually surprised that January Jones didn’t get the Fug Girls treatment after the SAGs. I was pleased to start seeing pictures of her around the fashion write-ups, but it was a bizarro dress and I thought it deserved some judicious fugging.

Well, better late than never, I say!

The other day I was thinking about how odd January is as a first name. I mean, April, sure. May, yep. June, yessirree. I know people with all of those spring months. But I don’t know any Januarys or Februarys or Marches. I was wondering, is this a new thing? Did her parents make it up?

Later the same day, I come across this woman.

That’s right. There are two different blondes named January Jones. I’m definitely plexed.