This article from Tampa Bay Online reveals that yet another critic is rooting for Mad Men as best dramatic series, but it also gives a lot of interesting tidbits about the Golden Globes, and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association that awards them.

For decades, the Globes were a joke because some of the members were notorious for taking freebies and never saying no to expense-paid junkets.

Only a few members of the “foreign press” are full-time journalists working for respectable newspapers and magazines in foreign lands. Most are Americans who work as part-time stringers. They have day jobs in other fields. The association has fewer than 100 members.

Today is the day that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association announces the nominees for the 2008 Golden Globe Awards.

Best Television Series – Drama
a. Big Love
b. Damages
c. Grey’s Anatomy
d. House
e. Mad Men
f. The Tudors

Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Drama
a. Michael C. Hall – Dexter
b. Jon Hamm – Mad Men
c. Hugh Laurie – House
d. Jonathan Rhys Meyers – The Tudors
e. Bill Paxton – Big Love

First of all, woo hoo.

Secondly, I watch 3 of the 6 nominated series, and both Grey’s Anatomy and House have jumped the shark. On waterskis. Yes, indeed. So that narrows the field to three.

As to the actors, Hamm is of course perfect in every way, but I only watch Hamm and Laurie. I do think it’s ironic that House has been referring to a Mormon character as “Big Love” on the show for the past bunch of episodes, and now he’s up against the star of Big Love.

Open discussion of these or any other nominations welcome. I know Roberta is having little flutters over Minnie Driver’s nomination for The Riches, and I’m flat-out thrilled about Holly Hunter for Saving Grace.