Draper? Who knows anything about that guy? No one’s ever lifted that rock. He could be Batman for all we know.

—Harry Crane, The Marriage of Figaro

On the DVD commentary at this point, Jon Hamm says “I’m not Batman.” Ha!

Last night I dreamed I was watching my new DVD and saw a scene I didn’t recognize.

This is killing me. Because there was a whole scene in my dream, and had I woken up then, I could have described it perfectly. When I was dreaming it, it made perfect sense… like, it fit in between the storyline. Like, for example, a scene where Harry came home and had a fight with Jennifer and she threw him out. Only that wasn’t it.

All I remember is it took place in the office. And that it definitely fit in with the existing episode. And that it was late in the season, like the Harry/Jennifer scenario.

Now, it’s possible that, had I the opportunity to accurately describe the scene, it would make no sense at all, but we won’t know that, cause of how I can’t remember anything else.

What I do remember is that I was outraged at AMC. ‘Cause it turned out there were other edited (not deleted mind you, but edited) scenes that were missing. But I was also excited because I could now see them.

So I think the main thing we’ve learned here is… I might be fucking nuts.

First, let me just say thanks to everyone for your kind words regarding my bad day yesterday. I’m feeling entirely well today! Kisses– rkl

In Long Weekend, in response to the Kennedy jingle, Harry says “It’s catchy like it gets in your head and makes you want to blow your brains out”.

Cut immediately to a family photo of John, Jackie and way down at the bottom, John John. But mostly you see the two of them, the black and white, and to me it immediately drew up the image of them in the car after he was shot. Maybe that was just me.


Roberta can’t stand it. She wants them all posted.

This one is obviously the same day as the Francine picture (same outfit).

This one also appears to be from the same scene.


In honor of the supreme court ruling

The video was made by (and stars) Andrew Zilch, of Zilch Zone. Andrew is (clearly) a friend of Rich’s (aka Harry Crane on Mad Men), and more importantly, a fan of Basket of Kisses!

PS; have a look at this youtube if you want to ‘meet’ me. It’s made by a good friend, and if you have no patience, skip ahead to 2:11.

Eme commented on another post about the appeal of the Mad Men as grownups:

The fact that the men are supposed to be real adult men. Yes, I know that when we discuss these things we realize the real adolescent immaturity at (the) heart of the MM men but nevertheless, doesn’t MM in a way celebrate a culture of sophisticated adulthood? Personally, I’m just dying for a grown man to show up onscreen…

This reminded me of something Matthew Weiner said (back at that thing we saw him speak at where we met him and stuff) about how one thing that drives the characters forward is each of their struggles with where they are in their life cycle. That keeping that ‘real’ (no way did Weiner say “keeping anything real”) was how he could guarantee that this series never run dry, or need to rely on over-the-top plot devices. (more…)

Ahh, 20-20 hindsight. Writers, of course, plan a season, and know what they’re doing.

In Hobo Code, when everyone is out partying and doing the Twist, there is a teeny quick shot of Harry asking Hildy to dance, and a few moments later you see them Twisting up a storm with each other.

(It also happens to be a bad continuity snag. Harry had, seconds earlier, walked away from Pete with two glasses, heading for refills. I mean it’s possible that he could have put them down because he wanted to dance, but the timing was tight, and really is unlikely.)

Oh, those crazy kids.