Whedonesque, your source for all things Whedon, congratulates Mad Men for its Golden Globe win.

That’s because two Whedonverse stars are on the show. Vincent Kartheiser (Pete) was a major character (Connor) on Angel season 4 (and had guest appearances in season 5), and Christina Hendricks (Joan) had major guest shots on Firefly as Saffron, and a small (tiny) part in Angel season 1 as an Irish barmaid.

What Whedonesque failed to mention, but Roberta’s eagle eyes noticed, was Adam Kaufman, who played Bob Shaw, the air-conditioner salesman who penetrates Betty’s imagination in Indian Summer. He played heartbreaker Parker Abrams in Buffy’s fourth season.

Coolest of all to the lover of detail is Andy Umberger, who is Betty’s shrink, Dr. Wayne. He has appeared on all three of Joss Whedon’s series, on Buffy as D’Hoffryn, who is Demon in Charge of Vengeance Demons (a tough job with major seniority), on Angel as Dr. Ronald Meltzer (a seriously creepy one-off villain in season 1) and in a small role on Firefly as captain of the Dortmunder in the pilot.

I am insane. I have no life. I have Microsoft® Excel. I made a spreadsheet.

  • 27 publications and columnists name Mad Men their #1 of the year (including such prestigious ones as Time Magazine, New York Magazine, and the New York Times).
  • 11 more list Mad Men in their top ten but lower than #1, or wrote year-end summaries that were not numbered lists and named Mad Men.
  • 5 sources cite the stars of Mad Men for various accolades, including Salon naming Jon Hamm their sexiest man of the year, and Zap2It citing the women of Mad Men as among the underrated actors of 2007.
  • 9 major award nominations (2 Golden Globes, 3 WGAs, 2 SAGs, 1 Satellilte, 1 DGA), plus a Special Achievement Award from Satellite.
  • 5 award wins (Golden Globes, DGA, Satellite, and 1 WGA).
  • updated

In lauding Mad Men’s Golden Globe wins, TV Junkie dug up a wonderful interview with Jon Hamm from back in July. Hamm continues to impress me with his articulate insight; I loved listening to him last week, he has quite a way with words.

“My mother — it sounds very Dickensian and romantic — but my mother’s dying wish was that I go to this particular private school, John Burroughs School in St. Louis, Mo., because friends had gone there. I have to say it was the single most profound, resonating decision ever made in my life. It wasn’t made by me, but it’s what every mother should want for her child.”

Hamm did finish college with a major in English. “By the time I graduated college, I managed to talk them into giving me a theater scholarship and then into hiring me to do plays … I went back to my old high school and said, ‘You’re the reason I am the person I am today and I would like to inspire other people in the way this place has inspired me.’ They thought it was a good idea, and I went back and taught school there for a year under the person who had taught me acting.”

Read the whole thing.

USA Today decided that, since there was no ceremony putting all the winners in one place, they’d track down the stars for quotes.

Jon Hamm, TV actor/drama for AMC’s Mad Men, did watch the show. “AMC decided to host something at the top of the Chateau Marmont. At the penthouse. It’s beautiful. It was amazing. It felt special to be surrounded by close friends and family.”

He was able to thank everyone there. “I was surrounded by everyone who meant so much to me. The only people I didn’t get to thank are the other nominees and the Hollywood Foreign Press.”

That’s nice. It’s nice to visualize Hamm thanking his co-workers. Okay, it’s just nice to visualize Hamm, but this is a bonus.

This is a live screen-shot of E Online‘s liveblogging of the Golden Globes.

Never Seen It

More than 79% of respondents have never seen Mad Men.

Now’s a good time.

Two nominations, two wins. We rock the Golden Globes, even without an awards ceremony. SAGs, here we come!

This article from Tampa Bay Online reveals that yet another critic is rooting for Mad Men as best dramatic series, but it also gives a lot of interesting tidbits about the Golden Globes, and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association that awards them.

For decades, the Globes were a joke because some of the members were notorious for taking freebies and never saying no to expense-paid junkets.

Only a few members of the “foreign press” are full-time journalists working for respectable newspapers and magazines in foreign lands. Most are Americans who work as part-time stringers. They have day jobs in other fields. The association has fewer than 100 members.