Go Fug Yourself is one of my true guilty pleasures. I cannot stop myself from laughing out loud when they say their fuggy things.

Last night on the phone, I totally predicted that January Jones’s deranged ballerina suit would get fugged, and I was right.

Oh my God, you guys. January Jones is wearing exactly what I used to imagine wearing when I was a child and I had elaborate fantasies of being a cocktail waitress!

They also got Elisabeth Moss, which surprised me, because I hadn’t seen the nightmare in question.

Every time I see Elisabeth out in the world, I realize that I have completely forgotten what her normal shape is after seeing her as Peggy, so it’s nice to see her out rocking her calf muscles and her little waist, and her pretty face without those bangs curled into a hair-claw.

Of course, you have to go read it yourself to see the pictures and it’s just…hysterical. Maybe a summer as Peggy has confused Elisabeth Moss about fashion, but January is kind of irredeemable. It’s not like it’s her first time.

I loves me some Go Fug Yourself. They are the best at being insanely funny about fashion and celebrity. Of the two writers, I find Heather significantly funnier than Jessica.

I was actually surprised that January Jones didn’t get the Fug Girls treatment after the SAGs. I was pleased to start seeing pictures of her around the fashion write-ups, but it was a bizarro dress and I thought it deserved some judicious fugging.

Well, better late than never, I say!