As hullabaloo mentioned in a comment, this month’s issue of Vanity Fair has a nice little piece on Mad Men, written by Jonathan Kelly. And quite a photo (by Sam Jones).

His descriptions are killer:

Don Draper…, dark, mysterious, breathtakingly handsome, yet emotionally castrated…

…Draper’s wife, Betty…, is the gorgeous orchid, frozen in Eisenhower-era black-and-white.

And do NOT miss the behind the scenes of the photo shoot. Mostly just Kelly speaking about the show. Kinda like us. (Though he does refer to “Christina Hendrickson”. D’OH!)

Everyone (including, let’s be truthful, me) made fun of Bush for calling himself ” The Decider.” Typical Bushism—guy can’t speak, right?

In Long Weekend, there’s a Kennedy commercial on TV that Don and Pete watch. In it, Kennedy mocks Nixon for saying that as Eisenhower’s veep, Nixon made a lot of decisions and was a part of policy in the White House (sort of how Obama has mocked Clinton).

Anyway, in the commercial, a journalist refers to President Eisenhower as “the decider.” Which is sort of the opposite of an anachronism; it was treated as a coinage when Bush said it, but turns out, not so much.