NBC’s new series Fear Itself is a weekly one hour standalone horror movie. Elisabeth Moss appears in the episode “Eater” (each episode has a different cast). Of the show, Moss says:

…[T]he lure of “Fear Itself” was, well, fear itself. “I love walking around being scared,” she says.

In an episode called “Eater,” Moss morphs into a tough-but-terrified cop — and horror fan — who fights for her life inside a remote police station.

Moss grew up on a diet of fright flicks. And she kept “Halloween” star Jamie Lee Curtis in mind while filming “Eater.”

“It’s a classic role, the girl and the killer,” she says. “And being scared is basic to acting. It’s fundamental and physical, but not easy.”

The premiere is June 5, at 10pm Eastern, but that’s not Moss’s episode. I have spent buckets of time on NBC’s website trying to figure out the rest of the episode airdates, but I guess AMC isn’t the only one with a screwy website.