Mo Ryan, the Chicago Tribune’s Watcher, has promo pictures up from season 2 (promo as in, they’re all standing there posing for the camera, not a shot of an episode). She also reviews the DVDs and reminisces about season 1:

The word that kept coming to mind as I watched the show again was “ambiguity.” Where the show truly shines is in putting its characters in situations that provoke a multitude of responses, some of them contradictory. Even though Weiner and the outstanding cast gave us good ideas of who these people were, sometimes what they said or did was shocking – but believable too.


Okay, okay, I know I’ve posted a lot today, but the DVDs got me all excited.

A long while back, we were discussing the song “Babylon” (which I misidentified as “Rivers of Babylon”). I spent all sorts of time on the Web trying to figure out what song and what version it was, and we got close, but man. All you really need is a DVD. (For the record, I also emailed AMC and SAG but they were no help at all.)

So, the Disc One feature on “Scoring Mad Men” is mostly David Carbonara talking about the musical themes used in the show, but he also talks about Babylon. Turns out it’s a Don McLean song from American Pie. (Not really, it is the traditional song we ultimately identified, but that’s where Matt Weiner got it from.) And I’m seriously bent, because I know my brother had this album (on like, vinyl) and I’ve heard it and I DID NOT KNOW. But anyway.

Weiner asked Carbonara to use the song at the end of the Babylon episode, and to be one of the three singers (he’s the one with the zither). Weiner’s instructions were to arrange the song and get two more singers.

So now we know.

The limited edition packaging is cool. I was afraid it would be cardboard. There’s an insert with a discount code for the Zippo lighter, and an insert giving a summary of what’s on each disc (but not which episode has which commentary).

Overall: My Gods, what a robust package!

Disc One opens with the 10 second JWT spot, and then an AMC commercial for Season 2. Then the menu has the famous silhouette with scenes from Smoke Gets in Your Eyes playing kinda translucent in the area that’s normally white and blank. The fade to the next menu item (such as special features or episode list) is cigarette smoke.

I expected to select an episode and then turn commentary on or off, but no! The episode starts right away. Instead, you have to go to special features to see a list of commentaries.

Details below the fold: (more…)

We heard about this recently, and now here it is.

Zippo has created two distinctive MAD MEN Zippo lighters as the perfect companion to your MAD MEN Season One 4-Disc DVD – a must-have for any MAD MEN fan.

MAD MEN Limited Edition Lighter

  • Limited production of 1,000 – consecutively numbered
  • Vibrant MAD MEN logo imprinted and chromed out on a high polish lighter
  • DVD set packaging companion Zippo lighter
  • Packaged in a Zippo velour collector’s box


AMC is allowing that the beginning of season 2 in 1962 is officially leaked, and has posted a 1962 trivia quiz on their Mad Men blog. (I scored 11/15).

As mentioned in our reporting on the New York Times article, JWT will have a ten-second advertisement inside the new DVD release. Here’s an article about that, complete with cool picture, from Brandweek.

Media Bistro has an amusing take on George Lois and the Times Magazine article.

We confess that we watch each episode twice, once with the sound on and then again on mute, so as to better contemplate the stellar sets, vintage props, and bold-hued womenswear…

DVD Reviews abound! Why oh why didn’t we get a review copy? Sniff. Why oh why haven’t I got my contest prize yet? SNIFF! (I got a note from AMC on June 27 that my contest-prize DVD is in the mail. So yay. But sniff.)

Overwhelmingly positive reviews can be read at:

Hollywood Reporter did a roundtable (on June 3, but I didn’t see it until hullaballoo pointed it out) of showrunners on how they dealt with the WGA strike and other things. Matt Weiner is one such showrunner.

Movie Web is thrilled with “10 new photos” of season 2. They all seem to be the ones we had a month ago. But maybe I’m confused, because no matter what I click, I only see 3 photos. has a juicy article on Mad Men’s women, including Carol, which mentions both the Times article and the DVD release.

Watching Peggy move from secretary to lead character Don Draper, to a woman with her own secretary at the end of the first series’ 13-episode run, was possibly one of the most satisfying arcs I have ever seen for a female character.

The article’s author doesn’t realize Joan was being snarky when she said Peggy would have a secretary. Nonetheless, the character arc is pretty damn amazing.

I live in suburban New York, but a Mad Men fan in LA reports seeing a Mad Men billboard. Yippee!

I’m not going to mention the gazillion articles that mention that Mad Men is officially on the Emmy shortlist, because it was enough weeding through them looking for real news. But it’s worth noting that the TV Decoder of the New York Times has a column thinking over each show’s chances.

A 16-page July Preview section of Entertainment Weekly mentions Mad Men’s ratings war with Burn Notice, but doesn’t give Mad Men its own page, which confuses me.

The DVD release has officially been announced, and as promised to you here by your highly informed and sparkly blogging hosts, the date is July 1st.

Please never doubt us again!

Mathan Erhardt of Primetime Pulse is a bitter guy. He wants a Season 1 Mad Men DVD release (me too! me too!).

Mad Men – I’ll admit that I may be jumping the gun on this show. It was a program from summer ’07 and AMC just finished rerunning the debut season a couple of weeks ago. So I’m probably asking a lot for it to be on DVD already.

But that doesn’t mean that I can’t clamor for it to be on DVD. Mad Men was one of the highlights of 2007. It was pretty much a flawless show and I was skeptical when it was announced. But I want to watch the first season again, with commentary and behind the scenes stuff. Plus I want to sent it to my mom (show still doesn’t have bloody cable) so that she can know the glory that is Mad Men.

Mathan blames Santa. I blame AMC.