Roberta and I have been tossing around this interview for two days. We both really love it, but neither of us have blogged it because we’re not coming up with anything much to say about it. Now I’m starting to worry that the newspaper website will take it down, so I’m just throwing it up there for you all to read.

Here are my two favorite quotes:

Creativity is “a process, and you can’t force it,” Weiner said. “Creative people need some leeway. They do drink. They do show up late. And they do have deadline problems. And you see this over and over.”

Weiner said he felt rewarded for his observations when a consultant on “Mad Men” “confirmed my suspicions about advertising – that it is exactly like television.”


So much of his own experience and observations are in the show that friends assumed he must be Don. He said he really is Peggy.

“I am the new girl. I’m always surprised. I’m always a step behind. I’m always doing what I’m told. And being sorry for it.”