Okay, here’s a thing.

In Shoot, Jim Hobart, from McCann Erickson. He’s on the phone with Don, pitching the woo, and says, to show how much power they have:

“You want to sell corn, we do a show about Indians”.

The very next scene, Betty is talking to Dr. Wayne. (I included more of this than is necessary for my point; I just really like this monologue. I got a lot of it… not all, but a nice chunk.)

“He was just a copywriter at the fur company. I remember he saw that I didn’t like giving the coat back. That’s always the hardest part.

He asked me out. He wasn’t shy. I liked that. I said no. Then three weeks later the coat arrived at my apartment. Who knows what kind of Indian trading he had to do to get it.”


And in the final dinner scene between Don and Betty, there is corn on the cob on the table.

Does it have a secret meaning? Is it a subtler theme than even birds or trains?

Or maybe it’s just lyrical. Sometimes, I will place a word into a song (or a blog, for that matter), because it just sounds pretty. Maybe this painting just needed a touch of blue here, here and here, to have it be just so.