Okay, the other day I criticized an article for thinking the show’s about fashion, and Roberta rightly called me on it.

We love the fashion. Love it. And totally, I adore men who do the dapper thing. I love a man in a suit; always have. Even when I was the hardest of hardcore hippies, I would readily admit to finding Brooks Brothers way sexy.

And here’s an article suggesting that MM is having an influence on men’s fashion. I’m not sure it’s MM’s influence so much; the show is more a cult fave than a real hit, but I think it’s tapping the zeitgeist; I think men in particular want to spruce up.

While the first season has just ended, we already miss the show, in part for its attention to visual nuance and fashion. At the Sterling Cooper Agency, men arrive every morning as sleek as dolphins, with their pomaded coifs, clean-shaven cheeks and shiny wingtips.

The women look great, too, although their pencil skirts, sweater sets and tight-as-fists chignons feel more like the contents of a sartorial time capsule. (Never mind the fact that the blatant sexism they endure as secretaries dates them as much as their conical bras. ) And while the men may reek of chauvinism — not to mention Scotch and cigarettes — they also manage to look amazingly modern.

In fact, Draper could do for the three-button glen plaid suit what Paulie Walnuts did for the zip-up velour tracksuit. GQ just ran an article on how to cop the Mad Men style, and retail research firm NPD Group reports that sales of suits and blazers are up more than 50 percent for men ages 18 to 24.

“As sleek as dolphins” is my quote of the week!