Last weekend I took a character/animation voice class with a brilliant gentleman named Bob Bergen. He is a voice you’ve heard hundreds or perhaps thousands of times, most famously as Porky Pig (and Tweetie Bird and Marvin the Martian). Please check him out.

The first portion of the workshop was lecture and Q&A. All aspects of the voiceover business were up for discussion. One woman asked if age was an issue.

Bob assured us that it was not, that nothing visual would ever affect your castability.

Except there was this one time when he didn’t get a role because they were looking for a blonde.


Anyway, I was reminded of the extraordinary voicover casting scene in the Wheel, when Peggy cast Annie over Rita, despite Ken’s better judgment (and of the even more extraordinary voiceover scene where Peggy destroys the very confidence that she was insisting on hearing from Annie). (more…)