Weiner just talked about a technique he uses to keep it real, which is to ensure that Betty has a closet. Even though she shops a lot, he says, you will see the same outfits repeated.

He said that she wore the same dress for the family portrait that she wore to her first day seeing Dr. Wayne; it is what she would choose. Sunday best.

I would just like to point out that the only other time I have ever seen this (with the exception of a particular pair of earrings on a soap opera years ago; I’ll come back later to describe them) was on thirtysomething, a show that I loved as much as I love this one. Hope had a very specific wardrobe that rotated and she always looked good but never too good, like an overwhelmed young mother with a hippie streak would really dress (also with some favorite pairs of earrings). I had never seen that before or, or since, until now.

We’ll keep an eye on Joan, but I do suspect Joan would spend a lot of money on new dresses all the time. And I’m sure she has lots of sources of income to support it.


Okay, so a hundred years ago, there was a character named Megan on One Life to Live, played by Jessica Tuck. She has giant blue eyes, round and really an incredible blue. The character frequently wore a pair of earrings with big round blue sparkling stones that sat close to the ears (as most earrings on soap operas do). I was mesmerized by the effect; how they reflected her eyes. And the directors obviously were too, because soap operas never ever EVER (at least back then; I don’t watch them anymore) repeat wardrobe elements. Ever. But these earrings next to Megan’s face were magical.

On a personal note, around the same time period I met a young girl who was just a really hot young thing, and she had my coloring, with bright round dark brown shiny eyes. And she had a pair of earrings with round black stones set in silver, and it had a similar effect.

It took me years to find the right earrings for myself. I do have a pair now, and I’ve never pulled it off quite the same as Megan or Stephanie, they certainly do make my eyes pop.