Unbelievable, really.

Yesterday, May 3rd, was Christina Hendricks. (And it was a big one and I missed it!)

Today, May 4th, Deborah Lipp.

Tomorrow, May 5th, Vincent Kartheiser.

Three of the greatest pouts in all of show business.

Kisses to all.

I had hoped to post first today, to wish my sister a happy birthday, but she beat me to it while I was preparing her gift.

I hope you’ll all join me in showering Roberta with kisses from our copious basket.

Okay, Roberta, you can open your present:


Last week, April 17th, was Joel Murray‘s birthday. Joel plays Freddy Rumsen, the drunk who discovered Peggy Olson’s knack for standing apart from the crowd, “seeing the benefit” of the product, and ultimately, for copywriting. I remember him as Greg’s goofy friend on Dharma and Greg.

And next week, April 29th, is Darby Stanchfield, who plays the oozing Helen Bishop. The AMC site/blog/thing just posted an interview with her. She’s been getting a lot of work over the last few years, and just nails it as Helen. And it’s more than simply a matter of how she works the pants…

(I’ve been working on a whole Helen Bishop post… gimme a few hours and come back for it.)

April birthday Kisses to both of you!

Were I a better planner, I’d have saved my recent Yay-Salvatore post for today.

It doesn’t seem fair… poor thing had to wait a whole extra day this year, what with that pesky 29th in the way. But finally, his birthday is here!

Anyway, if you haven’t already, check out the roles this guy has had over the course of his stunning career.And he was Out Magazine’s Artist of the Year for 2007.

Bryan, please except our birthday kisses. And uh… pretend they came out of a basket.