Upon rewatching Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (DVR, Roberta, it’s awesome here in the 21st Century), I have the following observations:

  • Don’s fear; his panic that he might get caught, his sense of improv in every crucial moment of life, is present in every scene. You cannot look at Don and not know he’s afraid. And that “Larry Tate” scene? It’s not the bad writing, the cheesy depiction of advertising, it has been so roundly criticized for; it’s a metaphor for who Don is. The tobacco “It’s Toasted” scene is Don Draper.
  • Pete says to Peggy “I had to see you.” Then he says it again. But he never looks at her. He had to “see” her, but he looks past her.
  • Don worships the idea of the family he has. He tells Rachel that love is a crock, then he holds his kids; holds his whole family in his hands, and he’s stunned and awestruck.
  • When Don gets off the train, the sign says “Ossining.” It took me like ten episodes to figure out where Don lives, and it was there in the pilot!
  • The signs in the train station; the red M and the text, look very modern to me. Somebody check me on this but I think it’s an anachronism.
  • And, just for fun, Pete says to his bride-to-be that his friends will probably be taking him to see My Fair Lady for his bachelor party. The episode ends with a song from My Fair Lady.

Boy, were we ever right to start a blog about this show!