In Babylon, when Roger tells her that before meeting her he was ready to leave his wife, she play-slaps him. But the intention of the slap was, Don’t you ever talk about leaving your wife.

And in Marriage of Figaro, she says that Lady Chatterly’s Lover is “another testimony to how most people think marriage is a joke.”

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…or something. A nominee to the nominees. Top 11 (11?) semi-finalists for best supporting drama actress.

Tom O’Neil of the LA Times ‘the Envelope’ has plenty to say about this list. Of interest to us:

Another surprising omission: January Jones, who portrays Jon Hamm’s emotionally plagued wife on “Mad Men.” Her role is so prominent that many Emmy observers were surprised she opted to compete in the supporting race, not lead like costar Elizabeth Moss. Instead, voters (academy membership is overwhelmingly male) chose to snuggle up to costar Christina Hendricks, who portrays the — ahem — sexually frisky office manager.

Christina is nominated to be nominated (whatever) for Babylon. I’m all for it.

Okay, okay, I know I’ve posted a lot today, but the DVDs got me all excited.

A long while back, we were discussing the song “Babylon” (which I misidentified as “Rivers of Babylon”). I spent all sorts of time on the Web trying to figure out what song and what version it was, and we got close, but man. All you really need is a DVD. (For the record, I also emailed AMC and SAG but they were no help at all.)

So, the Disc One feature on “Scoring Mad Men” is mostly David Carbonara talking about the musical themes used in the show, but he also talks about Babylon. Turns out it’s a Don McLean song from American Pie. (Not really, it is the traditional song we ultimately identified, but that’s where Matt Weiner got it from.) And I’m seriously bent, because I know my brother had this album (on like, vinyl) and I’ve heard it and I DID NOT KNOW. But anyway.

Weiner asked Carbonara to use the song at the end of the Babylon episode, and to be one of the three singers (he’s the one with the zither). Weiner’s instructions were to arrange the song and get two more singers.

So now we know.

Mona Sterling, to Joan and Don: “Don’t you two make a handsome couple?”
Joan Holloway: “Honestly? I don’t go for handsome.”


Inspired by the new trailer showing Joan making out with someone…do you suppose he’s handsome?

A weekend quotation, only longer.

From Bablyon. Sunday night, Mother’s Day, Don and Betty are being playful in bed.

Don: What about Advanced Reproduction? How are your studies progressing in that?

Betty: Mmm… Completed. I got an A, actually.

Don: You did?

Betty: Yup I did.

Don: I flunked the whole thing.

Betty: Well that’s because you got caught cheating.

In honor of sixty years of Israeli statehood:

So, we’ve got a quasi-communist state where women have guns, and it’s filled with Jews.

—Don Draper, Babylon

A long time ago, our own Dansj mentioned that Roger and Joan in the episode Babylon are like a Hopper painting.

I left myself a note to look into that, and my lovely sister saw the note (in our shared “notes” space under the blog hood) and sent me this (actually, she sent several, but this one is it):


It’s not exactly right, of course, but it has exactly the feel of the episode. Compare it to this: