I’ve posted in the past about the Whedon connection to Mad Men. Well, my son and I are watching Angel on DVD these evenings, and lo & behold, looks like Darby Stanchfield (Helen Bishop) guest-starred in the Angel Season 2 episode “The Anniversary.”

It’s very geeky, but I love finding things like this.

So, AMC. They harsh our happy, wrinkle our smooth, and damage our calm.

But, y’know, they also like their fans. They’re trying. They have a Talk Forum just for MM fans (not that it’s anywhere near as good as Basket of Kisses). It might not be the best or the coolest, but they are interested in what the fans have to say.

Look, I love this show. I want AMC to do a great job with the business end of this show, because if it’s cancelled, there goes my blogging hobby (not really, but you know what I mean). I don’t want to be one of those people doing a letter-writing campaign to help save a cancelled show. It almost never works and it’s depressing. I signed like fifty petitions to save Angel and what did I get? A flippin’ comic book. Suck.

So what I’d prefer to do is start the letter-writing campaign now. Let AMC know how much we want Mad Men season one back on the air between now and the time season two starts. Suggest good time slots. Suggest a marathon. Suggest lots and lots of visibility. Let AMC know that we’re telling our friends about Mad Men and they want to know how to start watching it and we have to tell them there are no showings in May! Ask them to help us get our friends watching.

I’m not going to put words in your mouth because individual letters from individuals work best. It’s like writing to your congressperson; be polite, be brief, and state your point clearly. And your point is that you want to see Mad Men in May and June. Often. And preferably not at midnight.

Email them at: info@amctv.com

Snail mail at:

    AMC Viewer Mail
    200 Jericho Quadrangle
    Jericho, NY 11753

And for good measure, here’s the Talk Forum post on re-run scheduling.

Whedonesque, your source for all things Whedon, congratulates Mad Men for its Golden Globe win.

That’s because two Whedonverse stars are on the show. Vincent Kartheiser (Pete) was a major character (Connor) on Angel season 4 (and had guest appearances in season 5), and Christina Hendricks (Joan) had major guest shots on Firefly as Saffron, and a small (tiny) part in Angel season 1 as an Irish barmaid.

What Whedonesque failed to mention, but Roberta’s eagle eyes noticed, was Adam Kaufman, who played Bob Shaw, the air-conditioner salesman who penetrates Betty’s imagination in Indian Summer. He played heartbreaker Parker Abrams in Buffy’s fourth season.

Coolest of all to the lover of detail is Andy Umberger, who is Betty’s shrink, Dr. Wayne. He has appeared on all three of Joss Whedon’s series, on Buffy as D’Hoffryn, who is Demon in Charge of Vengeance Demons (a tough job with major seniority), on Angel as Dr. Ronald Meltzer (a seriously creepy one-off villain in season 1) and in a small role on Firefly as captain of the Dortmunder in the pilot.

We all know that there are some actors who are bad in many things, but sometimes great. Was Halle Berry the “best actress” of 2001? Not possible while people like Streep are alive and working. Did she give the best performance that year, in Monster’s Ball? Arguably yes.

Some actors are limited, and some are just uneven, but sometimes the director or the script brings something forth in that actor that had maybe been less visible. Those are inferior actors; if you need a good director to be good, isn’t that like, say, needing glasses to see? Isn’t your vision, by definition, inferior to those who don’t need the appliance?

Why do I bring this up? Two words: Vincent Kartheiser.

He was hateful and awful in Angel. He was the Wesley Crusher of that show. And now, as Pete Campbell, he’s kind of amazing. Now, maybe it’s that playing a petulant, pain-in-the-ass teenager is inherently less compelling than playing a petulant, pain-in-the-ass married adult. Or maybe the scripts here serve him better. Joss Whedon is known for bringing great performances out of so-so actors (not. naming. names.) but maybe in this case he fell down.

Or maybe Kartheiser is a bad actor in the right role.