Here’s a good one. I happened to notice this phrase, “meaning of mad men,” showed up in the search terms for the blog (that is, someone searched on that phrase and ended up here). So I thought that was worth defining. It was explained in caption text at the beginning of the first episode, but of course, many viewers have joined the Cult of Mad Men since then.

In the 1950s and 1960s, the advertising industry was based on Madison Avenue in New York City. In fact, “Madison Avenue” used to be slang for “the ad industry.” Madison/ad men was contracted into “mad men” (no women, of course) by the mad men themselves.

Our commenter grinbear has written an interesting blog about some advertising history, inspired by our favorite show.

This TV series from the producers of The Sopranos has certainly succeeded in providing an opportunity for one former Austin ad man to reflect on what was happening in our little part of the advertising pond in 1971 (which is like 1960 in Austin years).

There’s lots more…