Roberta and I have been keeping a folder of potential anachronisms. It’s a very well-written show, of course, and therefore a very small folder. Here’s what we’ve got:

In 5G, Midge says to Don:

It must be so intense above 14th Street.

That strikes me as something we didn’t start saying until the 1980s. Calling things “intense” sounds kinda druggy/trippy; maybe mid-70s but I don’t believe earlier. I’m interested in any memories of the usage of this word in that way. Anyone?

In Red in the Face, there are two military phrases. First Betty says to Francine,

You’re my friend, are you here to do recon?

Later, after Roger throws up, Bert Cooper says to the Nixon guys,

Let’s let Roger regroup.

“Regroup” in particular sounds a little off for 1960, not something you’d say about one person. I’m guessing here, I’m not a linguist and I wasn’t alive at the time.


One thing that knocks me out on this show is the class distinctions.

Top of the list and most obvious (set up in the very first scene of the series) is white/black. The only blacks ever seen in the series, to date, have been in service roles; the busboy, elevator operator, household help, etc.

And the Jews… that’s almost a whole different hierarchy.

The women. It’s right there within that first conversation in Smoke, between Don and the busboy… Ladies love their magazines. And they both laugh; white and black, at the silly ladies and their silly magazines.

But what fascinates me is the secretaries. (more…)

We just received an email from a self-proclaimed long-time BoK lurker. (We love that more of you are de-lurking!)

She is an Emmy voter, and just received… ahh, screw it, I’ll just pull it from the email.

As a long-time “lurker” on your blog, I wanted to give you the heads up (if you’re interested) that as an Emmy voter I just received AMC’s Emmy “For Your Consideration” DVD package today containing six episodes each of “Breaking Bad” and “Mad Men.” I was so excited that they sent half the season that of course it’s in my DVD player right now. The episodes AMC is sending out for consideration are as follows:

“Smoke Gets In Your Eyes”
“The Hobo Code”
“Long Weekend”
“Nixon vs. Kennedy”
“The Wheel”

I wouldn’t want the job of narrowing the selection down! Can’t wait to vote for my favorite newcomer!

That is a lot of great stuff to pull from. A-freaking-mazing!

She gave me permission to print this, but I posted so fast I didn’t ask if I could print her name, so I didn’t. So R, feel free to out yourself if you like. And thanks for the scoop!


R & D

Just get down here. I want you to pull my hair, ravish me, and leave me for dead.

—Midge, 5G

Yes, that’s just the kind of mood I’m in.

Episode 5.


5 thousand dollars.

In addition, here’s a conversation from 5G about Ken getting his story published:

Roger: “I guarantee it—in the bottom drawer of every desk in this place is the first ten pages of a novel.”
Don: “Five.”

Everyone laughs. Then Peggy comes in with the note. Right after Don said “five.”

Jesus Christ, this show is amazing.

This is pure spoiler, just in case you were wondering. So, a courteous little “continued” link… (more…)

So I was watching 5G and preparing your forthcoming episode recap, and I do this by taking notes (you know; by hand…with a pen), and I wrote, “Don gives Adam 5g.”

5g. As in “five grand.” Or as in “Room 5G.” Or as in “Episode 1.5: 5G.”

Holy crap.

It doesn’t mean all that much. I mean, somewhere in there, Weiner saw it and edited the script to slip it into the episode. No big. It doesn’t uncover an extra layer. Except it does. It speaks to an attention to detail, a respect for the script as a holistic entity, that is just remarkable. I mean, remarkable.