Betty and Don come home dressy and drunk after Don wins an award. They wake up at 8 a.m., still dressed, hung over. When Don closes the bathroom door, the horseshoe-shaped award comes lose and turns over ominously.

At the office, Don is congratulated. Peggy, who’d been talking with Ken, tells Don that Pete and Paul waited but then left; she’ll get them.

In a meeting, Don comes up with the idea of pitching a bank account to men instead of women. An “executive” account to keep a man’s business private (from his wife).

Midge calls Don, and insists he come see her. Peggy overhears. Don goes out to meet Midge.

After making love, Don tells Midge she can’t call him at work. They have a talk that dances around feelings and attachment, but doesn’t really go anywhere.

At a traffic meeting, Peggy hands Don a note from Adam Whitman. Don is visibly upset.

Don goes to see Adam in the lobby and denies knowing who he is several times, but finally agrees to meet him at a coffee shop at noon. Don goes back to the meeting but pays little attention.

At the coffee shop, Adam is happy to see him but Don is distant and cold. They discuss someone who was Adam’s mother but not Don’s. Don doesn’t want to discuss anything about his current life and walks out, saying this never happened, and this is it, it’s over.

Don allows Paul to do the Liberty Capital presentation, which is a success.

The next day, Adam sends Don a picture of the two of them with a note, on hotel stationery, reading “If you change your mind, 5G.”

At home, Don burns the picture. He phones Adam, unlocks a drawer, opens a case, and brings the case with him to meet Adam. After a lot of ominous talk, Don gives Adam five thousand dollars (5G) from the case. He tells Adam to leave New York and disappear. Adam cries and the two hug.

Ken announces his short story has been published in the Atlantic Monthly. Pete and Paul congratulate him. He discusses two novels he has in the works.

In the traffic meeting, Roger praises Ken for getting published.

The next day, he tells the office girls about the novels as well. Paul comes up and rips the story right out of the magazine, putting the magazine back into Ken’s pocket.

Later, Paul apologizes, saying he didn’t know he was competing with Ken. Ken says “I won.”

Pete and Trudy
Pete, Paul, and Harry bitch about Ken getting published. Paul says he has an unpublished story about hanging out with Negroes. Pete is angry that Ken is a nobody with unimportant parentage, but the others don’t see the point of that.

In bed, Pete watches Trudy read the story he’s written. Pete almost says he wants to be published because of jealousy. He tells Trudy to call Charlie Fidditch, who is influential in publishing, to get his story published. Trudy is uncomfortable because Charlie was her “first,” which had made Pete angry in the past.

Trudy meets Charlie. He propositions her. She says no, but with a lot of regret, hoping that perhaps “when we’re old…” He asks again and she says no again.

Pete comes home to a nice dinner. Trudy says she got the story into Boy’s Life. Pete is angry. He wanted a classier publication and he suggests that Trudy should have slept with Charlie to get him what he wanted.

Betty and kids arrive at the office for a portrait. Peggy panics. Don is out with Adam but she thinks he’s with Midge.

Peggy asks Joan for advice, but Joan will only give advice if Peggy tells her where Don is. Peggy realizes she shouldn’t have told Joan (and Joan agrees) and that she could have figured out what to do herself if she hadn’t panicked (and Joan agrees).

Don arrives and hustles the family out for the portrait.

Betty and Francine discuss the portraits. Betty is unhappy and wants them retaken. She says “Sally looks fat.”

Over dinner, Betty tells Don she’ll spend August in Cape May with her father. In bed that night, after Don comes back from meeting Adam, Betty suggests buying a summer home so they don’t have to go to Cape May. Don says they don’t have plentiful funds this year, and Betty says good, she likes seeing her father.

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