Pete and the guys are listening to Bob Newhart in Pete’s office, when Pete’s new bride, Trudy, unexpectedly arrives. Pete is annoyed, but Trudy has a surprise for Pete and wants to take him to lunch.

Pete introduces Trudy to Don, and he charms her. Peggy is there, and waves at Pete, but is not introduced.

Trudy shows Pete a beautiful Manhattan apartment. It is $32,000 (but the realtor says they can get it for 30). Pete points out that a down payment is a year’s salary, but Trudy insists they are a young couple and can ask for help.

Pete visits with his father, who is hostile and cold. Everything in the house is draped in sheets, apparently because they are going away for the summer. Pete tells his father about the apartment, saying “We’re going to need help with the down payment.” (Doesn’t ask, just states it as a fact.) Dad says no, he thinks Pete is spoiled.

At home, Pete lies to Trudy, telling her he didn’t bring it up with his father because his father is in poor health.

In a presentation to Walter of Bethlehem Steel, Pete undercuts Don while Don is pitching an idea that Walter is cool to. Don reminds Walter that he’d liked the idea initially, and after Walter leaves, he accuses Pete of souring Walter on the idea.

Pete and Trudy have dinner with Trudy’s parents. Trudy’s father, Tom, immediately volunteers to help with the down payment for the apartment. Pete turns the offer down but Tom insists. On the way home, Pete is angry.

Afterwards, Pete takes Walter out and introduces him to two pretty “cousins.” Then Pete pitches an idea.

The next day, Don presents a new idea, but Walter wants Pete’s (which he thinks is Don’s). After Walter leaves, Don fires Pete. Stricken, Pete goes to his office, kicks the guys out, and throws the Newhart record out the door. He downs a drink and breathes heavily, trying to hold back tears.

Later, Pete lays on the couch with his box packed, when Roger and Don walk in. Roger tells Pete that both he and Mr. Cooper wanted him fired, but that Don fought for him to have another chance. He warns Pete to follow Don like a soldier following a commanding officer.

Pete and Trudy take the apartment. Their new neighbors are thrilled by Pete’s family connections, and while Trudy and her parents boast about the family tree, Pete looks out the window uncomfortably, while we hear Ella Fitzgerald sing “I’ll Take Manhattan” and the credits roll.

Don’s in a part of the building he doesn’t usually frequent, and there bumps into Rachel, who is with Paul. Paul suggest Don see Miss Menken out. At the elevator, Don asks, with some urgency, if he can see her, but Rachel rebuffs him.

After confronting Pete (see above), Don goes to Roger. Roger and Don then go to Burt Cooper to tell him they’ve fired Pete. Cooper tells him Pete must be rehired because his family influence has value.

After rehiring Pete (see above), Don and Roger drink and talk about different generations. Don allows some of his despair and fear to show, but Roger isn’t interested.

Betty reads to the kids, puts them to bed, and then goes out to walk the door. She sees a man banging on Helen’s door and yelling. He says he’s Helen’s husband and asks Betty if he can use her phone. She refuses, saying “I’m sure you are who you say you are, but I don’t let strange men into my house.” He looks frigteningly angry, and she hurries home.

Helen comes by later to apologize. They sit and talk. Helen says her marriage ended when she discovered her husband cheated (apparently a lot).

On a subsequent night, Helen asks Betty to babysit so she can go stuff envelopes for Kennedy. While Betty is with Glen, Glen goes into the bathroom while he knows she’s there and stares at her. After repeatedly telling him to get out, she must finally get up and close the door in his face. Afterwards, she tells him what he did was bad and makes him apologize. Then he crushes his face to her in a strange hug. He tells her she’s “very pretty” and asks for a lock of her hair. Eventually, she gives it to him. She tells Helen nothing about any of this when Helen comes home.

In therapy, Betty talks about how sad Helen’s life is, and how sad she is for Glen. Significantly, she says “The person taking care of him isn’t giving him what he needs.”

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