At dinner with his boss Roger Sterling, and his wife Mona, and Don’s wife Betty, Don is reluctant to talk about his past. Roger speaks of his nanny, and later, Don tells Betty that “of course” he never had a nanny.

Gillette has introduced aerosol for Right Guard, and the guys are taken with the space age qualities of the product. Don enjoys their clowning around, spraying each other (Ken gets the brunt of it).

Bertram Cooper persuades Don to take on the Nixon campaign account.

After Betty suggests that she see a psychiatrist, Don is upset. In the Right Guard meeting, his is unhappy with the astronauts and rockets of Paul’s presentation. He says women will buy this product for men, and wonders what women want.

The next day (or some later day in the near future), after taking Betty to a psychiatrist (see Betty), Don blows off work to visit Midge. He realizes women want “to get closer,” and ties this into deodorant.

That night he takes Betty out to dinner, and then surreptitiously calls Dr. Wayne to discuss her.

Betty’s hands go numb in the ladies’ room while out to dinner.

Betty and Francine, who is six months pregnant, gossip about the new neighbor, scandalously divorced Helen Bishop. Later, Betty slows down while driving past Helen to watch her moving in, and her hands again go numb. She has a low-speed accident.

When Don gets home, she tells him that doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with her (just like doctors she’d seen about the numbness before), and wonders if she should see a psychiatrist. Don is skeptical.

Don comes home the next day with a beautiful white gold watch, but Betty, still weepy, again suggests psychiatry. Don arranges for her to see Dr. Arnold Wayne.

Peggy sees Bridget crying in the ladies room. Later, seeing that Peggy has a “sad” sandwich, Joan walks Peggy past a group of young men (Ken, Dale, and Harry), saying they’re going to shop through lunch. Of course, this invites the men to take them out instead, and to flirt heavily.

Paul gives Peggy a tour of the office, but the next day he kisses her, and she pulls away. Near tears at this encounter, she goes to the ladies room to cry, but someone else is crying there already, and she pulls herself together.

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