Don will be staying home while Betty and the kids visit her father and brother’s family for Thanksgiving. Don claims that as a partner, he cannot get away, but does not deny that he doesn’t want to go.

Don hears through Bertram Cooper that Rachel has gone on a three month ocean voyage. Cooper implies that Abe Menken, Rachel’s father, and now Cooper himself, know about the affair, and unlike secret identities, this Cooper does not approve of.

Don is assigned the Kodak Wheel, a new slide projector. During a research/brainstorm exercise, Don searches through his family photos, and is touched by the experience, so much so that he makes a phone call to contact Adam. It is then that he is told that Adam hung himself.

Don presents to the client brilliantly and sentimentally, changing the product name to the Kodak Carousel. Sterling Cooper wins the pitch.

Don goes home, imagining himself having changed his mind about Thanksgiving, imagining that he has delighted Betty and the children, imagining his family as whole and happy.

But they’re gone when he gets there.

Shows up at Betty’s, paranoid and in slippers. She has discovered that her husband has been having an affair/affairs. She indicates a touch of post-partum psychosis, first in casually mentioning that she hasn’t had it together since the baby was born (trying to cover up for the fact that she let the phone get shut off is what led her to the infidelity discovery) but later, in between rants about how stupid she is, she slips in that he is so stupid she could poison him pretty easily, and expands the fantasy to include the full Thanksgiving table roster, including her kids.

After hearing of Francine’s marital woes, Betty pockets a phone bill and, at night, calls a suspicious phone number she has spotted. This leads to the discovery that Don and Dr. Wayne have been speaking to each other at night.

The next day she approaches Glen who is waiting in the car for his mom. Though he tells her that he is not allowed to speak to her, she talks to him, confides in him, takes comfort in him. She is exhibiting undeniable signs of instability and at least severe depression.

Betty sees Dr. Wayne, and lets him know that Don has affairs, playing it as though this is not a recent revelation (which it is likely not; merely a recent fully formed revelation).

Pete and Trudy
Trudy’s father puts pressure on Pete to give him a grandchild. Pete discourages Trudy from putting in her diaphragm, extracting her agreement that “if they build it, they will come”— if Trudy gets pregnant, her father will make sure money is not a problem (this is all between the lines).

And the next thing we know, Pete has brought in Clearasil, via his father-in-law, as the next big client at Sterling Cooper.

Later, he throws a hissy-fit upon witnessing Don assigning Peggy to the brand, and her promotion. That night we see him veritably stumble into his home, drunk, where Trudy puts on a game face in front of her parents, who it seem are planning on supervising every attempt at conception until they have their grandchild/demonseed firmly enwombed.

Harry is living in the office, pretending to his wife Jennifer that he is staying with Ken at his bachelor pad. It is not explained how his affair with Hildy was revealed to her, but we see that it most certainly was. He is miserable.

In a middle of the night hazy drunken impromptu pitch meeting, Harry, in his manpanties, talks about the photographs he took when he was in college, and his fascination with cave paintings. Later, during the very emotional presentation to Kodak, Harry gets so choked up he runs out of the room.

Duck Phillips
Holds his first staff meeting; including all Account Executives and Creatives (Copywriters and Art Directors? was Sal there?), presenting himself as a hardass, and charging everyone with doing all they can to bring in big clients. (They don’t have any automobiles, airlines or pharmaceuticals.)

He does not drink. Seemingly ever.

Seems extremely at home in the driver’s seat managing her campaign, conducting auditions for the radio voice of the Relax-a-Cizer spot. Chooses the dishier Annie over the vocally better-suited but dowdier Rita.

The following day, at the recording session, she is unable to coax the sound out of Annie that she is looking for; she is callous and borderline sadistic as she coaches and finally fires her. Ken observes all of this, both the errors of her choices and the strength of her unwavering confidence in the director’s chair. Ken and Peggy have a nice rapport.

After Pete brings in the Clearasil account, Don assigns the brand to Peggy and promotes her to Junior Copywriter on the spot.

Peggy moves into a new office and then gives birth to a baby boy (Matthew Weiner’s planned pregnancy).

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