We meet ad-man Don Draper in a swanky bar, discussing cigarettes with a black waiter and taking notes. The white manager checks to make sure the waiter isn’t being a pest.

Later, Don spends the night with Midge, discussing work, and coyly not-proposing marriage.

Don and art director Salvatore discuss the Lucky Strikes campaign, and then Don blows off a psychiatrist who reports that people smoke because they have a death wish.

Don then meets department store owner Rachel Mencken, and storms out of their meeting, angry about being told what to do by a woman.

Then Don meets with the Lucky Strike account (Lee Garner and son), and has an epiphany. “It’s toasted” is the new slogan.

Don has dinner with Rachel.

At the very end of the episode, we learn Don is married and has two kids.

Pete plans a bachelor party with the guys. He has a lovey-dovey conversation with his fiancé. (See also: Peggy)

It’s Peggy’s first day. Office Manager Joan advises her to be sexier, and to choose a guy and set her sights on him. She sends Peggy to a doctor for birth control pills. The doctor advises her not to become “the town pump” just because she’s having sex with no consequences.

Pete ogles Peggy, and Don helps her rebuff him. Later, Peggy makes her move on Don, putting her hand on his. He rebuffs her.

Very late, a drunken Pete shows up at Peggy’s door. She lets him in, lying to her roommate.

We get our first hints that Sal may be gay; both because he relishes the drawing of his barely-clothed neighbor, and he’s happy in a club “full of men.”

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