This is an episode list with a brief synopsis. Click “full recap” or “quotes” for more on each episode.

1. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
Writer: Matthew Weiner
Director: Alan Taylor
Original air date: July 19, 2007

Peggy’s first day. Don makes love to Midge, has a tobacco epiphany. Pete plans his bachelor party. Peggy gets the pill, gets naughy with Pete. (Full recap) (Quotes)

2. Ladies Room
Writer: Matthew Weiner
Director: Alan Taylor
Original air date: July 26, 2007

Helen moves in. Betty’s hands go numb. Paul wants Peggy, Peggy gets upset. Don doesn’t want to work for Nixon. (Full recap) (Quotes)

3. Marriage of Figaro
Writer: Tom Palmer
Director: Ed Bianchi
Original air date: August 2, 2007

Don is recognized as “Dick Whitman” on the train. Pete returns from his honeymoon. The women read Lady Chatterly’s Lover. Don kisses Rachel. Sally’s birthday party doesn’t go as planned. (Full recap) (Quotes)

4. New Amsterdam
Writer: Lisa Albert
Director: Tim Hunter
Original air date: August 9, 2007

Trudy wants Pete to buy an apartment. Pete oversteps his bounds with Don and pays a price. Betty babysits for Helen. (Full recap) (Quotes)

5. Five G
Writer: Matthew Weiner
Director: Lesli Glatter
Original air date: August 16, 2007

Don encounters Adam. Ken gets published, and Pete pushes Trudy to help him get published as well. Peggy overhears Don and Midge on the phone. (Full recap) (5G)

6. Babylon
Writer: Andre & Maria Jacquemetton
Director: Andrew Bernstein
Original air date: August 23, 2007

Peggy stands out during a lipstick focus group. Don asks Rachel to help him understand Jews. Roger and Joan meet outside of work hours. Rachel discusses Don with her sister. Don meets Midge’s beatnik friends. (Full recap)

7. Red in the Face
Writer: Bridget Bedard
Director: Tim Hunter
Original air date: August 30, 2007

Roger wrangles an invitation to dinner from Don, then gets too friendly with Betty. Revenge is spelled O-Y-S-T-E-R-S. Helen and Betty have a confrontation in the market. Pete exchanges a chip-and-dip for a shotgun. (Full recap) (Quotes)

8. The Hobo Code
Writer: Chris Provenzano
Director: Phil Abraham
Original air date: September 6, 2007

Pete and Peggy get to work early. Don remembers a hobo who visited his family when he was a child. Salvatore has an intimate dinner with a client. Peggy celebrates her first writing assignment. Don spends more time with beatniks. (Full recap) (Quotes)

9. Shoot
Writer: Chris Provenzano & Matthew Weiner
Director: Paul Feig
Original air date: September 13, 2007

Betty is offered a modeling job by an ad agency trying to hire Don. The neighbor’s pigeons prove to be an annoyance. (Full recap) (Quotes)

10. Long Weekend
Writer: Bridget Bedard, Andre & Maria Jacquemetton & Matthew Weiner
Director: Tim Hunter
Original air date: September 27, 2007

Roger lusts after twins, but it turns out to affect his health negatively. Joan’s roommate makes a confession. Don and Rachel experience horizontal bliss, and Don tells her about his childhood. (Full recap) (Quotes)

11. Indian Summer
Writer: Tom Palmer & Matthew Weiner
Director: Tim Hunter
Original air date: October 4, 2007

Adam makes a final decision. Roger’s premature return to the office is unsuccessful. Peggy’s date doesn’t go well. Betty is visited by an air conditioner salesman. Don is promoted. Peggy and Betty each discover that vibration can be fun. Pete snags Don’s package. (Full recap) (Quotes)

12. Nixon vs. Kennedy
Writer: Lisa Albert, Andre & Maria Jacquemetton
Director: Alan Taylor
Original air date: October 11, 2007

Pete blackmails Don. An election returns party at the office gets rowdy. The gang puts on a play. Harry and Hildy have an encounter. Don asks Rachel to run away with him, which pisses her off. We learn how Dick Whitman became Don Draper. (Full recap) (Quotes)

13. The Wheel
Writer: Matthew Weiner & Robin Veith
Director: Matthew Weiner
Original air date: October 18, 2007

Harry is staying at the office. Don doesn’t want to join Betty’s family for Thanksgiving. Francine discovers Carlton is cheating, and Betty discovers that Don frequently calls her shrink. Betty sees Glen in the parking lot. She also sees Dr. Wayne and tells him what she knows about Don. Peggy gets promoted, but also discovers why she’s been gaining weight. Pete gets his father-in-law as a client. Don learns of Adam’s fate. (Full recap) (Quotes)

19 Responses to “Season 1 Episodes”

  1. seventhform Says:

    what episode had the RELAXACIZOR in it? I think it was 8 but not sure….

  2. seventhform Says:

    and… does anyone know if these are authorized from AMC or someones bootleg ebay project??

    (BTW. they are “Mad Men” shirt and mugs)

  3. seventhform Says:

    I have a hunch they are NOT official items!

  4. Deborah Lipp Says:

    That’s Episode 1.11: Indian Summer.

  5. Interested Observer Says:

    Which episode has the liptick pitch where Don says: “I’m not here to tell you about Jesus. You already know about Jesus” ?

  6. Roberta Lipp Says:

    Int, I’m guessing it’s Red in the Face. I’m guessing this because the “focus group” was Bablyon, and then, in the rebroadcast, they skipped over the following four episodes, so I don’t know. Yet. But I will, I assure you.

  7. Deborah Lipp Says:

    Looking at the recaps, I’m guessing (for the same reason as Roberta) that it’s Shoot. If Peggy celebrates her success in The Hobo Code, that means the guys liked it, not the client, and then the client would see it the next episode.

  8. Roberta Lipp Says:

    Better guess.

    Gee, it’s great to be experts of a show we CAN’T EVEN WATCH.


  9. Mark Barton Says:

    Ladies, Love your site. I just purchased Season 1 on dvd frm a seller on and watched all 13 episodes. I work in direct-marketing and love every minute of MM. Keep up the good work.

  10. Deborah Lipp Says:

    Interested, I know this is like years late, but the Jesus pitch is Hobo Code.

  11. Roberta Lipp Says:

    Which is interesting thematically, as his miserable jesus toting “parents” are looked at in that episode.

  12. Deborah Lipp Says:

    I thought the same thing.

  13. Glass Darkly Says:

    He can’t entirely escape his roots. While he wasn’t speaking literally, the language of his childhood came back to him. His words would have been at home at Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show. 🙂

  14. Deborah Lipp Says:

    Just as he can’t quite escape the anti-Semitism of those roots.

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  18. attending bachelor parties is kind of my hobb these days, i like parties and drinking too *

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