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My favorite Independence Day moment in a movie is in Shane. Van Hefling and his wife celebrate their wedding anniversary, and he speaks haltingly but eloquently of being happy to have given up his own independence while the country celebrated.

What was touching in Shane would be ironic from Don Draper, and bitter from Pete Campbell. But I hope, for you and yours, it is a true celebration.

Actually not much to add. I’m watching the show, in spite of myself.

I didn’t even recognize her through all the coked-out blondeness, but it’s Kate Norby playing Gail Saxton.

Mostly I just liked the title of the post.

I do a weekly movie review on my other blog, and recently, I reviewed The Apartment.

I mention this because I’m self-aggrandizing Matthew Weiner often cites The Apartment as one of his major influences in creating Mad Men. The era (The Apartment is a 1960 film) and the business milieu are obvious, but at the oft-cited Burns Center event, he also talked about the way that The Apartment starts with a lot already going on; that more of the movie shows you things that the characters already know (Baxter has a crush on Fran, Baxter’s apartment is being used by management, etc.), than shows you things that haven’t happened yet. When something new happens, it’s major.

Another very visible movie for us Mad Hatters is How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, starring Robert Morse (our own Bertram Cooper). Weiner says he didn’t have Robert Morse specifically in mind for the role, just someone venerable from the era who could hold that kind of power.

If you’re not familiar with How to Succeed…, it’s a musical about, well, succeeding in business. An ambitious window-washer (Morse) uses a book of the same title as the film to guide him up the corporate ladder. The jobs don’t matter, the work doesn’t matter, and the methods don’t matter. It’s all about success.

I compare the two in my review:

(Or, A Blog is Born.)


So, I’m a little uncomfortable with this, because it may be crossing over into narcissistic. But I was over in TV Squad. TV Squad’s Bob Sassone has been a fan of and written about Mad Men since the beginning, and I used to follow his write-ups and comment. The show finally has its own category on the site, and Bob is now a reader of ours as well. (And watch for an interview over there with Rich Sommer in a few weeks. We’ll let you know.)

The thing about Basket of Kisses, as you basketcases know, is that we started it after Season One had aired. Pretty much, right after. The first post was basically Peggy? WTF??? only with a better title.

(Actually, pretty funny. I just glanced over at that first post so I could put in the hyperlink, and I absolutely ask the spelled out version of WTF. I am very freaking consistent.)

Okay so my point, and I will make one, and it in fact ties in with my being consistent… it turns out that looking at my profile page in TV Squad, I can (and now, so can you) view all my comments in one place. So, kind of mini-write-ups/reactions to S1 in progress. (more…)

Welcome to our very first shiny coating of Lipp Gloss… a roundup of what’s been happening around here (the Basket), over the last week (in this case a week-ish; we’re keeping our options open), and also a quick look at who’s been talking about, linking about or even just thinking about the Lipps.

What we’ve been talking about
Thanks to all our brilliant commenters who challenge us and who keep the conversations going. Also, they send us cool stuff and links and tips!!! Thank you.

  • I revealed, admittedly to the soundtrack of some controversy, the episode title of Season Two, Episode One. Our reader Joy told us it is a title of one of those teen surf flicks, so Deb checked it out, and it turns out it is a 1964 film. Interesting…
  • We made some updates to the site, and instituted a BoK spoilers policy.
  • I got incredibly excited about my breakdown of the name Don Draper. And got all snotty with our first troll! Talked about the Dick Whitman name as well.
  • We talked about the Emmy buzz around Mad Men. A coupl’a times!
  • (more…)

    The Los Angeles Times has an article about the breakout shows of the year, in anticipation of the Emmys. The shows they love are Samantha Who?, Damages, Gossip Girl, Pushing Daisies, Breaking Bad, and of course, Mad Men.

    The settings though never distract from the struggles that take place within. Hamm notes that if the AMC show were instead on a network, “it would be, ‘Let’s time travel to the ’60s and wasn’t everything funny back then?’ We’d learn a lesson at the end of every episode about how far we’ve come. And our show isn’t like that at all.”

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