Welcome to our very first shiny coating of Lipp Gloss… a roundup of what’s been happening around here (the Basket), over the last week (in this case a week-ish; we’re keeping our options open), and also a quick look at who’s been talking about, linking about or even just thinking about the Lipps.

What we’ve been talking about
Thanks to all our brilliant commenters who challenge us and who keep the conversations going. Also, they send us cool stuff and links and tips!!! Thank you.

  • I revealed, admittedly to the soundtrack of some controversy, the episode title of Season Two, Episode One. Our reader Joy told us it is a title of one of those teen surf flicks, so Deb checked it out, and it turns out it is a 1964 film. Interesting…
  • We made some updates to the site, and instituted a BoK spoilers policy.
  • I got incredibly excited about my breakdown of the name Don Draper. And got all snotty with our first troll! Talked about the Dick Whitman name as well.
  • We talked about the Emmy buzz around Mad Men. A coupl’a times!
  • (more…)

    Roberta can’t stand it. She wants them all posted.

    This one is obviously the same day as the Francine picture (same outfit).

    This one also appears to be from the same scene.


    Of course, it’s IMDb, it’s all anonymous and uncheckable, but the Mad Men message board has this up, and there’s not actually a good reason to lie. The poster claims it is from an email from AMC. My source at AMC refuses to divulge, so either this is false, or it’s some AMC flunky who actually didn’t know any better than to leak, because I can’t imagine a controlled leak goes to an IMDb message board.

    “Mad Men” will return for another season, beginning
    Sun., July 27, 2008 at 10 pm (schedule subject to change). As with the
    first season, Season 2 will include 13 original episodes.

    And in case you missed it, we will feature a marathon of all of Season
    1 episodes on Sun., July 20 (subject to change), beginning at 12 pm.
    Every episode will air, back-to-back, through 1 am.

    We, the pretty sisters to whom people tell things, have scoopage. Big scoopage. In the form of these fabulous pictures that are making me tingle.

    I am going to tease you with three pictures right now, and then we’ll have more later. Remember we were speculating about Betty maybe taking up riding, and maybe having an affair with a riding instructor or horseman or something? Of course you do! Well, here are shots of Betty that look very ridey to me (click for full-sized image):

    Betty in boots


    We just received an email from a self-proclaimed long-time BoK lurker. (We love that more of you are de-lurking!)

    She is an Emmy voter, and just received… ahh, screw it, I’ll just pull it from the email.

    As a long-time “lurker” on your blog, I wanted to give you the heads up (if you’re interested) that as an Emmy voter I just received AMC’s Emmy “For Your Consideration” DVD package today containing six episodes each of “Breaking Bad” and “Mad Men.” I was so excited that they sent half the season that of course it’s in my DVD player right now. The episodes AMC is sending out for consideration are as follows:

    “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes”
    “The Hobo Code”
    “Long Weekend”
    “Nixon vs. Kennedy”
    “The Wheel”

    I wouldn’t want the job of narrowing the selection down! Can’t wait to vote for my favorite newcomer!

    That is a lot of great stuff to pull from. A-freaking-mazing!

    She gave me permission to print this, but I posted so fast I didn’t ask if I could print her name, so I didn’t. So R, feel free to out yourself if you like. And thanks for the scoop!


    R & D

    I have a source on this, and she’s a friend of mine with an inside track, and she totally won’t give up any information until it’s like public anyway, but I wrote her last night after reading Hullabaloo’s comment. I figure, let me try again. getting. some information. out of my friend. I’ve bugged her bunches of times and she keeps blowing me off. She’s a lovely young girl, but also a little ditzy. (So like, she forgets I’m dying for information she has, she forgets she has said no to me. It’s all good.)

    From my friend:

    Yeah, she is a series regular on Sons of Anarchy……she’ll be back as Rachel, but I don’t know how many episodes.

    Notice the number of dots in the ellipses. Ditzy. But a good girl, nonetheless. And so, here we are, chock full of scoopy insideness, right? Well, it’s something, anyway. dot dot dot dot dot dot

    I found this tiny item in The Hollywood Reporter:

    [Gabriel] Mann will play Arthur, a wealthy, educated man of privilege who becomes associated with Betty (January Jones).

    Upon looking up Mann, I find he was born in 1972 in Middlebury, Vermont (a very patrician college town; he has that look). That makes him the right age for “associated with” to have sexual overtones.

    When asked about Season 2, the only thing that January Jones said was that she’d been asked to learn horseback riding, but didn’t know how it would figure in the plot. (Thanks, Roberta, for reminding me.) So, does Betty take riding lessons or take up riding and meet “Arthur”?


    Hat tip to our own Hullabaloo, who pointed out an EOnline scoop that we can all get excited about. Watch With Kristen says:

    Sexy Joan has an honest-to-goodness boyfriend this season. As for the launch date of season two, we only know it’s sometime in July 2008. However, I can tell you that, just as the story of season one ended on a holiday (Thanksgiving), season two begins on another nonreligious holiday. Guesses?

    First guess is Dan’s, who thinks it must be Valentine’s Day, and damn, I gotta say, it’s the perfect answer. Matthew Weiner said February or March, and in the realm of non-religious holidays that leaves Valentine’s Day, President’s Day (yawn), and Mardi Gras (which is religious but not really celebrated that way). Valentine’s Day is the perfect way to give us an update on everyone’s relationship status. Like, Don and Betty, Francine and Carlton, Peggy and Junior, Pete and Trudy, Roger and Mona, Margaret and Wristcutters Anonymous, Carol and Salvatore.

    Here is a comment we just received from someone going only as “Someone Who Knows”:

    Season two will open with a long segment at Sterling Cooper, and is being written to grab first-time viewers who will be checking out the series after all the pre-Season Two buzz, while still delivering upon the expectations of returning fans. A machine-gun paced segment at an advertising agency at the top of its game, it’s full of the crackling dialogue, hints of key dramatic plot points, and has one tremendous laugh. Everyone will be blown away. Peggy is there, don’t worry!

    Now, in truth, the game we’ve been playing is fun and we can keep on playing, but I know TV. And what “Someone” has described is exactly how a Season Two opener of a ‘best show no one’s watching’ needs to be constructed. We will meet each key player, in a way that will both open our (the loyal viewers’) eyes to where they are now, and catch the new viewers up on who they are and why they are important.

    Most brilliant catch-up-its-viewers season opener ever: West Wing, two-parter following Rosyln. (So far!)

    (Thanks, Someone!)

    Update: Deborah here. I have been able to check out “Someone Who Knows” and, while I will not violate this person’s choice of anonymity, I can confirm that this is, indeed, someone who knows, and this is a legit scoop. I am tingling with scoopy excitement.

    The DVD release has officially been announced, and as promised to you here by your highly informed and sparkly blogging hosts, the date is July 1st.

    Please never doubt us again!

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