Quotes and isms

Draper? Who knows anything about that guy? No one’s ever lifted that rock. He could be Batman for all we know.

—Harry Crane, The Marriage of Figaro

On the DVD commentary at this point, Jon Hamm says “I’m not Batman.” Ha!

Roger Sterling: You know what? I am very comfortable with my mind. Thoughts clean and unclean, loving and… the opposite of that. But I am not a woman. And I think it behooves any man to toss all female troubles into the hands of a stranger.

–Ladies Room

Mona Sterling, to Joan and Don: “Don’t you two make a handsome couple?”
Joan Holloway: “Honestly? I don’t go for handsome.”


Inspired by the new trailer showing Joan making out with someone…do you suppose he’s handsome?

Anonymous person, telling me he liked reading the New York Times Magazine article:

Matthew Weiner sounds like he’s Aaron Sorkin minus the drugs.

Bertram Cooper: “There’s a Pete Campbell at every agency out there.”
Don Draper: “Well, let’s get one of the other ones.”

New Amsterdam

A weekend quotation, only longer.

From Bablyon. Sunday night, Mother’s Day, Don and Betty are being playful in bed.

Don: What about Advanced Reproduction? How are your studies progressing in that?

Betty: Mmm… Completed. I got an A, actually.

Don: You did?

Betty: Yup I did.

Don: I flunked the whole thing.

Betty: Well that’s because you got caught cheating.

Does anyone know? In what episode does Roger Sterling criticize Psycho, and what is the quote? I think it may be Long Weekend, since they’re discussing going to the movies (that’s when Joan talks about The Apartment), but I’d really like to nail it down.

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