Continuity and Goofs

Ahh, 20-20 hindsight. Writers, of course, plan a season, and know what they’re doing.

In Hobo Code, when everyone is out partying and doing the Twist, there is a teeny quick shot of Harry asking Hildy to dance, and a few moments later you see them Twisting up a storm with each other.

(It also happens to be a bad continuity snag. Harry had, seconds earlier, walked away from Pete with two glasses, heading for refills. I mean it’s possible that he could have put them down because he wanted to dance, but the timing was tight, and really is unlikely.)

Oh, those crazy kids.

That’s a fun title if you like typing “oo.” Which I don’t particularly.

Roberta just reminded us of her long, interesting post about discussing Shoot with Matt Weiner.

Roberta said:

Often [Matt Weiner]…gets a visual and works from there. So at some point he saw Betty in a pose with a golden retriever, and holding a green bottle. His plan was to use Heineken, but they didn’t want in (or, their lawyers didn’t). Coke was a great fit, because they were an actual client of McCann-Erickson, the agency that was wooing Don in Shoot.

Now, as we know, Coke has brown/black bottles (clear pale green bottles with Coke-colored liquid, actually; creating a black/brown NOT GREEN effect).

In Shoot, Jim Hobart of McCann-Erickson starts seducing Betty for the Coke campaign, comparing her to Grace Kelly, and saying:

Your coloring with a green bottle and an Irish setter…

Except hello! Coke. Not. Green. So presumably that line was written when it was going to be Heineken, and then never fixed.

I love catching stuff like that.

“I like redheads. Their mouths are like a drop of strawberry jam in a glass of milk.”

Forgive me, MM writers. I love you all.

But this episode, about which I have so much more to say, seems to have a big fat continuity issue.

Thursday #1
It is the end of the workday. Roger speaks to his wife about the weekend plans. He is then told by Bertram Cooper that the Nixon boys are coming in at the end of the week. Joan has a bag packed and is taking a train with her roommate Carol for a weekend away. No mention that she is taking a Friday off, but okay so far.

How do I know it’s Thursday? Don says to Peggy, trying to make sure she’s not working too late, “Just because tomorrow’s Friday, doesn’t mean I expect to be pulling your head off the keys in the morning”. (God, that line is a mouthful!)

That night, it’s drinks for Don and Roger, and then the disastrous dinner at the Draper’s.

Thursday #2
The next morning, Roger offers Don a bottle and an apology. At lunch Pete exchanges a chip-and-dip for a 22-caliber rifle. (more…)