The Los Angeles Times has an article about the breakout shows of the year, in anticipation of the Emmys. The shows they love are Samantha Who?, Damages, Gossip Girl, Pushing Daisies, Breaking Bad, and of course, Mad Men.

The settings though never distract from the struggles that take place within. Hamm notes that if the AMC show were instead on a network, “it would be, ‘Let’s time travel to the ’60s and wasn’t everything funny back then?’ We’d learn a lesson at the end of every episode about how far we’ve come. And our show isn’t like that at all.”


We just received an email from a self-proclaimed long-time BoK lurker. (We love that more of you are de-lurking!)

She is an Emmy voter, and just received… ahh, screw it, I’ll just pull it from the email.

As a long-time “lurker” on your blog, I wanted to give you the heads up (if you’re interested) that as an Emmy voter I just received AMC’s Emmy “For Your Consideration” DVD package today containing six episodes each of “Breaking Bad” and “Mad Men.” I was so excited that they sent half the season that of course it’s in my DVD player right now. The episodes AMC is sending out for consideration are as follows:

“Smoke Gets In Your Eyes”
“The Hobo Code”
“Long Weekend”
“Nixon vs. Kennedy”
“The Wheel”

I wouldn’t want the job of narrowing the selection down! Can’t wait to vote for my favorite newcomer!

That is a lot of great stuff to pull from. A-freaking-mazing!

She gave me permission to print this, but I posted so fast I didn’t ask if I could print her name, so I didn’t. So R, feel free to out yourself if you like. And thanks for the scoop!


R & D

Here’s an interesting bit in the LA Times. After first explaining that an episode is submitted to the Emmy judges for viewing, columnist Tom O’Neil explains that AMC is considering submitting The Wheel instead of Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (a strong episode, and pilots are the typical submission for a new series).

He gives you an opportunity to vote on which of the two is the best choice for the show, and which is best for Jon Hamm’s Best Actor in a Drama bid. So far, Smoke… has a big lead for the series, but Wheel wins handily for Hamm.

Go vote.

This LA Times article explains it: The judging panel for the Emmys picks five nominees from a list of ten finalists. Three critics weigh in on their ideas for what the top ten will be, and all three choose Mad Men; one mentions it as a contender for the final five, the other two are entirely silent on what they think those five will be.

So, not a lock for a nomination, but they all believe it’ll make it to the judges who decide the nominations. Thrilling.

Say that five times fast.

LOGO Network, which is, I guess, MTV’s gay channel, is hosting the “NewNowNext” awards on Saturday, June 7th at 9pm. and will have streams of the show up on the following Monday.

So, obviously, the significance of this is that Mad Men has been nominated in the “Best Show You’re Not Watching” category. Which may be a stupid category, but at least it’s grammatical, unlike many of the others (seriously—”Most Guiltiest Pleasure”? Who writes this shit?).

You can vote for Mad Men here. There’s no limit to how often you can vote, so I’m all in favor of stacking the deck by voting over and over.

By the way? Whoever wrote the description should be severely beaten:

Slickfully peeling back the brillo cream sheen of the advertising business in the 50s,

Because (a) “Slickfully”? (b) That’s Bryll Cream, asshole; Brillo cream would scrub the hair right off, and (c) “50s”?


AMC reports that Vincent Kartheiser will be receiving a Young Hollywood Award tomorrow (Sunday) night.

The awards are sponsored by Hollywood Life Magazine; the “official site” for the awards doesn’t mention Kartheiser, or indeed, much about the awards in any kind of organized fashion. It’s just some breathless gossip about “up-and-coming “it” stars in tinseltown…” GODS, do people really still say “Tinseltown”? Without capitalizing it? Anyway, this is why it sucks to be a blogger, these people are not designing their sites for me to figure stuff out. So thanks to AMC for the info.

I didn’t even know there was an Emmy Magazine. But there is, and Jon Hamm graces the cover of the current issue, in an exceptionally insoucient pose. This kind of coverage bodes well for Mad Men’s chances to actually win the award, although nothing is certain.

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