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…or something. A nominee to the nominees. Top 11 (11?) semi-finalists for best supporting drama actress.

Tom O’Neil of the LA Times ‘the Envelope’ has plenty to say about this list. Of interest to us:

Another surprising omission: January Jones, who portrays Jon Hamm’s emotionally plagued wife on “Mad Men.” Her role is so prominent that many Emmy observers were surprised she opted to compete in the supporting race, not lead like costar Elizabeth Moss. Instead, voters (academy membership is overwhelmingly male) chose to snuggle up to costar Christina Hendricks, who portrays the — ahem — sexually frisky office manager.

Christina is nominated to be nominated (whatever) for Babylon. I’m all for it.

Lookey here!

…60th Primetime Emmy® Awards’ top ten vote-getters for outstanding drama series… as voted on by the entire Television Academy.

Not that anyone here isn’t expecting the nomination. The thing is, we need the nomination. Because sure, Hollywood is all abuzz, and now the ad world is all abuzz, but what we need? Some frigging red carpet time. We need John Q Public (I cannot believe I just used that) to know who the fuck we are. (Not we, but, y’know, Mad Men). And I’m thinking that win or lose, nothing will take care of that more effectively than Jon Hamm and Christina Hendricks telling Joan and Melissa who they’re wearing.

The emmy nominees will be announced at 5:40 a.m. (Whyyy???) on Thursday, July 17. And Christ. I’m a slave to this frigging blog now. Yup. I’ll be watching. My post will be up by 6:00.

Kisses, basketcases!

This is a delightful piece about the screening the other night of 2:01 written by Pat, the former college roommate of Linda Brettler, better known to us as Matthew Weiner’s wife. Yeah. There were five seats reserved. Matt, Linda, Pat, Roberta and Deborah. What? Oh, I’m sorry, there were only three. Anyway, enjoy!

Before I know it, I am linking arms with Jon Hamm, smiling like I’d died and gone to Heaven. Next thing I know, there I am, squished between Christina and January, the two most beautiful women I’ve ever been physically close to (apologies to Linda, my other college roommates, and all my female friends and relatives). And did John Slattery actually touch my waist (if it can still be called that)?

Go Fug Yourself is one of my true guilty pleasures. I cannot stop myself from laughing out loud when they say their fuggy things.

Last night on the phone, I totally predicted that January Jones’s deranged ballerina suit would get fugged, and I was right.

Oh my God, you guys. January Jones is wearing exactly what I used to imagine wearing when I was a child and I had elaborate fantasies of being a cocktail waitress!

They also got Elisabeth Moss, which surprised me, because I hadn’t seen the nightmare in question.

Every time I see Elisabeth out in the world, I realize that I have completely forgotten what her normal shape is after seeing her as Peggy, so it’s nice to see her out rocking her calf muscles and her little waist, and her pretty face without those bangs curled into a hair-claw.

Of course, you have to go read it yourself to see the pictures and it’s just…hysterical. Maybe a summer as Peggy has confused Elisabeth Moss about fashion, but January is kind of irredeemable. It’s not like it’s her first time. sets up the Best of Mad Men, that half hour promo we spotted on the AMC lineup. Looks like Weiner and cast members will be talking about favorite moments, introducing clips and “revealing on-set antics and behind-the-scenes footage” (hopefully a teaser for DVD extras!).

Oh, and this is pretty cool (not Canada-cool, but cool just the same)… “The special will also be available online at, starting June 16″.

NBC’s new series Fear Itself is a weekly one hour standalone horror movie. Elisabeth Moss appears in the episode “Eater” (each episode has a different cast). Of the show, Moss says:

…[T]he lure of “Fear Itself” was, well, fear itself. “I love walking around being scared,” she says.

In an episode called “Eater,” Moss morphs into a tough-but-terrified cop — and horror fan — who fights for her life inside a remote police station.

Moss grew up on a diet of fright flicks. And she kept “Halloween” star Jamie Lee Curtis in mind while filming “Eater.”

“It’s a classic role, the girl and the killer,” she says. “And being scared is basic to acting. It’s fundamental and physical, but not easy.”

The premiere is June 5, at 10pm Eastern, but that’s not Moss’s episode. I have spent buckets of time on NBC’s website trying to figure out the rest of the episode airdates, but I guess AMC isn’t the only one with a screwy website.

As we’ve blogged before, Mad Men’s own Ann Dudek has absolutely stolen the season. I was all about how House had jumped the shark, and I was about to drop it from my DVR subscriptions, but she waltzed in on infinitely long legs and saved the series.

I don’t want to give away anything that happened, it was amazing and, while this blog spoils Mad Men left and right, no one comes here expecting House spoilers. As an episode of House, the writing was top-notch, the willingness to explore new character directions was laudable, and I was on the edge of my seat.

But Ann Dudek. Wow. It’s not giving anything away to say she both plays the character of Amber (aka Cut-Throat Bitch) and a dream version of Amber, so that she’s in various stages of real and imagined throughout the episode. She is by turns gorgeous and glamorous, ordinary and focused, vulnerable and tender, all thanks to superb acting and hey that makeup department.

I believe we know she’ll be back in season 2 Mad Men (do we know that? Should I double-check that?). I am so looking forward to seeing her work there.

Here’s an article in a local Oregon paper about two local boys who made good. Mad Men is mentioned twice. Michael Uppendahl, we are told, is directing an upcoming episode (upcoming episodes! Yay!), and Mark Kelly has “a recurring role in “Mad Men,” as Dale.”


I find him listed in this role in Ladies Room on IMDb, but I can’t place him. Which is driving me crazy.


I’ve posted in the past about the Whedon connection to Mad Men. Well, my son and I are watching Angel on DVD these evenings, and lo & behold, looks like Darby Stanchfield (Helen Bishop) guest-starred in the Angel Season 2 episode “The Anniversary.”

It’s very geeky, but I love finding things like this.

Last night.

So, to work it forwards instead of backwards, it goes like this. I had dinner with two friends last night, one of whom is a young woman I met through a mutual friend a few years back. She lives in Texas. She was in Manhattan for her sister’s graduation.

Anyway, as part of catching up, I mention this here blog thing. (She has not seen Mad Men yet, but is aware of my… fixation blog, and intends to catch the first season when it comes out on DVD.) And how it’s been getting some attention. And this is when she mentions that her sister babysits for the actor on the show who she thinks almost loses his job (not so much, and so it takes us a minute to figure it out. “white-haired” was the key.)

I, I… I mean, I handed her my BoK card and tried to convince her to give it to her sister to give to John (and Talia). To like, what end, I couldn’t tell you.

I tried to convince her that the actors (at least some of them) know about us and kind of like us (this is a bit of a stretch, for me to assume that all the actors on the show feel the way that like, Rich Sommer and Julie McNiven do.) I tried to convince her that he won’t think it’s an intrusion at all if his babysitter hands him my card and gives him some kind of third-hand message. from a frigging fan. blogger. chick.

I may have lost some steam in the ‘convincing’ arc.

So, I don’t know… John, Talia, if you happen to see this umm… Hi! Your babysitter’s sister is a sweet girl.

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