Bertram Cooper–Senior Partner
Roger Sterling–Junior Partner
Donald Draper–Junior Partner

Account Team

Head of Account Services–Roger Sterling until October, 1960.
Starting November, 1960, Herman ‘Duck’ Phillips is Head of Account Services.

Account Team

  • Pete Campbell
  • Mitch Sullivan–Media (fat, bald & charmless, and has a hot wife)
  • Ken Cosgrove
  • Freddy Rumsen
  • Harry Crane–Media


  • Dr. Greta Guttman
  • George Pelham

Creative Team

Creative Director–Don Draper, made partner in October, 1960.

Art Department

  • Salvatore Romano
  • Frank (referred to in The Hobo Code)
  • Marty Feraday
  • Dwayne Davis


  • Paul Kinsey
  • Victor Manny (I think he’s copy)
  • David Stubing… got fired (also, I’m only assuming he was copy)
  • Peggy Olson, Junior Copywriter, as of 11/23/60


Joan Holloway–senior over secretaries, covers Roger Sterling, also in charge of traffic


  • Peggy Olson March/April 1960-November 1960
  • Eleanor was Don’s secretary before Peggy
  • Ginger (Babylon; cuts her own hair)
  • Hildy is Pete Campbell’s secretary


  • Marge (trying to lose weight)
  • Ivy (blonde, likes flowers)
  • Lynette (bath salts)
  • Lois Sadler
  • Donna (in Hobo Code) (maybe not? Maybe a secretary in Babylon.)


  • David Cohen

Unknown positions

  • Dayle (Account?) (not married)
  • Frank Birmingham (probably Account–brings in a lot of accounts)